‘They Clearly Don’t Give A Shit’: Mixer Streamers Respond With Tears, Outrage, Anger After Mixer’s Closure

‘They Clearly Don’t Give A Shit’: Mixer Streamers Respond With Tears, Outrage, Anger After Mixer’s Closure
Image: Mixer streamer PrincessCourt, processing the news of Mixer's closure live on stream.

Microsoft’s shut down of Mixer was a massive shock. Naturally, the platform’s partnered streamers and communities were outraged by the announcement, especially at the way Mixer handled the communication.

While Mixer’s closure has been a big win for some, particularly streamers Tyler “Ninja” Blevins and Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek. Having accepted a undisclosed multi-year deal to switch to Mixer, Microsoft’s move has allowed them to have their contracts bought out, becoming free agents once more. The move to Mixer cost the streaming stars a huge chunk of their audience, with Shroud losing two-thirds of his regular viewership from October to November.

‘They Clearly Don’t Give A Shit’: Mixer Streamers Respond With Tears, Outrage, Anger After Mixer’s Closure

But for the smaller streamers, Mixer’s shut down was devastating. It came without warning, with Mixer partners posting online that they’d found out about the closure through Twitter like everyone else.

Some Mixer streamers discovered the news during the middle of their stream, while they were processing the shock of racial allegations the company. “Mixer just tweeted, let’s go Mixer,” streamer PrincessCourt told her chat, resulting in a long, quiet stare at the screen while she processed the news.

“Are they for real,” streamer PrincessCourt exclaimed. “Is Mixer for real? They get one bump in the road, that they could have easily addressed — easily addressed — it could have been addressed so easily. Where is the communication here? They clearly don’t respect any of the partners, because we had no idea about this, not one clue. You think they would have been telling the partners before they told — you would think, you would honestly think they would tell us before they told the world, so we would have time to prepare as a brand. How dare you Mixer,” she said.

The news came on the back of a bad week for Mixer. There were perpetual structural issues that saw Mixer behind Twitch, YouTube and even Facebook Gaming. The platform was facing severe accusations of covering up racism, levelled by Mixer’s former business development manager Milan Lee.

Lee’s retelling of his experience drew a response from Phil Spencer, Microsoft’s EVP of gaming and head of Xbox, which led to a private conversation between the two about what Microsoft could do better. The chat was positive, although Lee pointed out before the chat that he tried to raise these issues with Spencer directly.

But Mixer’s problems will go unresolved. With the program’s closure, the streaming platforms will be whittled down to a major three (Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Gaming), not including smaller platforms like the entertainment-focused Caffeine or alternative regional streaming services like Douyu, Huya and V Live.

As streamers processed the news, there was a common thread between the reactions: Anger at the lack of forewarning, tears at what it meant for the future, and all-around frustration. Microsoft also copped criticism for the timing, with some fans pointing out that the announcement was drawing attention away from some of the stories being aired within the gaming industry over the last 48 to 72 hours.

Phil Spencer reiterated on Twitter that Mixer’s shut down wasn’t prompted by the recent allegations, but the timing still wasn’t appreciated.

“So they would have had this in the works anyway,” PrincessCourt explained. “Yet they didn’t bother to tell any partners about it because they clearly don’t give a shit about the partners. They’ve told us just as they’ve told the whole public, exactly at the same time.”

“Way to go, Mixer. You’ve made your partners feel like shit, and worthless.”


  • There’s really not a chance in hell that if they had told partners in advance that one of them wouldn’t have spilled the beans earlier than MS wanted to.

  • Pretty sure ‘partners’ was always a flattering lie of a label.

    Actions – and actions alone – show the true nature of the relationship so-called ‘partners’ really had with Microsoft.

    If you weren’t getting a million dollar contract negotiated, you weren’t a ‘partner’ so much as ‘cheap content.’

    • In the old world, they would be called “employees”, with non-partner streamers “interns” or “apprentices”. The new labels let them ignore all the obligations that are associated with the old ones.

  • Microsoft treating content people like shit? I am absolutely SHOCKED that this has happened, especially given the company’s rich history of supporting their YouTube creators by pulling their deals at the last moment and never paying them for their work.

  • Why would they care? All the people whinging are a bunch of nobodies who would have immediately gone and announced it to everyone in rage if they’d found out first if these posts are amything to go off of.

    • That’s a bit harsh. These people, why considered ‘nobody’ to you had some kind of following, enough to make money to a point where they could do it full time. Its the equivalent of your boss coming out and saying ‘Guys, I’m selling the company, who knows what’s gonna happen to you’. No warning, even 24 hours, is a bit shit, especially when Spener is 100% right about an acquisition like this. This is not a deal that would have been done in under 6 hours, not unless MS where selling it for cents on the dollar, so given that, then MS should have MOST DEFINITELY given Streamers bar min 2-3 months warning so there able to look at other places.

      • “Its the equivalent of your boss coming out and saying ‘Guys, I’m selling the company, who knows what’s gonna happen to you’. No warning, even 24 hours, is a bit shit”
        That’s pretty standard though… Management don’t usually discuss business decisions with the lower staff until the decision is final.

      • Yeah, and your example of the boss coming out and saying they’re selling the company and who knows WTF will happen is a real world example that has happened countless times. I’ve gone through it myself, business called a meeting for 100+ staff, told everyone we were now under administration and no idea what would happen next.

      • No, it would be the equivalent of running a market stall, and being told the premises are shutting, but there’s multiple other free options right nearby you can set up with minimal effort, and if your customers are as loyal as you think they are, you won’t have a problem with them following you to the next place.

    • I would hate to be an entertainer. The risk of becoming irrelevant must be so easy. A real fickle industry.

      But then I’ve always been more of an engineering “improve the world” type so it’s hard for me to understand.

  • Foxyzilla’s twitter reads like a trainwreck. Suddenly, to try to reorient herself, she throws in a ‘black lives matter’ drawcard, which completely and utterly has nothing to do with what she was talking about and got *eviscerated* by her fans etc. Ouch.

    • Why she gets banned from Twitch in the first place? Like, Twitch is a fickel pickel when it comes to this shit. And given it was years ago, it could have been for anything or nothing…

      • Her account got spammed with subs from people with troll names using stolen credit cards so Twitch banned her to stop it…. According to the change.org petition made by her fans. I expect that is a bit one sided.

      • Not sure at all tbh. Twitch definitely is fickle, Youtube’s become just like it too unfortunately.

    • I find it a little hard to sympathise when she has made more money on mixer in one screenshot than I have in 2 years of being a twitch affiliate.

    • Lol, on what grounds? You really think the most valuable company in the world didn’t have their interests protected?

  • Meanwhile this year, a bunch of people with real jobs that actually added value to the world, lost their jobs due to Covid.

    Stiff shit to these tossers.

    • Jesus dude, Remove your head from your rectum

      Gatekeeping job losses like this only makes you look like an insufferable prick.

  • Some streamers really need to get a grasp on reality, welcome to the real world. The term ‘partners’ doesnt exactly mean what they think it means. Its just a fancy world for a favoured contractor. And just because they have a contract that doesnt mean it is gear towards them any more than any real person who has a real job. Over twenty years I have had many full time contracts in my life and not a single one of them was written to protect my employment. They are just a glorified ‘notice of intent’ (in some senses) to keep me around in a job until such time that job doesnt exist anymore, or they find a reason to make it no longer valid. Then get offered terms, well told.

  • Yes, all streamers will take a hit. But it’s not just streamers that have to find a new place, the viewers have to as well. As a streamer, do you think your community will abandon you? Shouldn’t they follow you onto another platform? As a viewer, you cannot watch your favourite streamer on Mixer, but they moved to another platform. Will you not follow them?

    I think if you’re a small streamer and was depending on this to be your whole life, realistically you were not far into the game to really make a living off of it in the first place. It’s not the end for you and your community. The loyal fans will stay with you no matter what platform.

  • When JB bought out the GoodGuys every employee found out at the same time, the same morning when it was announced to the public.

    The only people in the company who even knew what was going on were the franchisees than half owned their stores, even then I think it was three weeks before everyone else.

    The buyout was month’s possibly a year in the making and the vast majority of employees in the company knew nothing about it until a press release.

    We were all told in a staff meeting that The store might close
    It might not
    Some people might be moved to different stores
    Maybe no one will be moved to different stores
    People might lose their jobs (like me)
    Maybe no one will lose their job (unlike me)

    Nobody had any idea about what was going to happen and this happens all the time.

    This is nothing like what happened at the GoodGuys no one on mixer is an employee, this would be like a busker who has been playing guitar out the front of a shop front being told the building is getting knocked down.

  • Lot of ugly schadenfreude and dismissiveness over a lot of people having their livelihood’s disrupted in the comments here. Entertaining, building a fanbase and all that isn’t easy. It requires a lot of work. And now they have to start again on another platform or give up. It’s a shitty thing that was done to them and they deserve sympathy just like anyone else in these times.

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