This Week In Games: Iron Man Returns

This Week In Games: Iron Man Returns

It’s a lean week for new games, but this week does have one major headliner: Iron Man PSVR.

Tony Stark’s VR adventure is the highlight of what’s largely a fairly quiet week, with most of the big July games popping up later in the month. There’s not much in the way of prominent indies to close out June, either.

Even the Switch eShop, which is usually bombarded with 40-50 indies any given week, is having a bit of a quiet one. There’s some good games getting a retail re-release this week, like Dungeon of the Endless. PS4 fans have Blaster Master Zero to look forward to, and Spirit of the North looks quite sweet.

Here’s the leaderboard:

  • Marvel’s Iron Man VR | PSVR
  • The Story Tale | Switch
  • My Bewitching Perfume | Switch
  • Infliction: Extended Cut | Switch
  • Blaster Master Zero + Zero 2 | PS4
  • Spirit of the North | Switch Retail
  • Dungeon of the Endless | Switch Retail
  • Keysight | PC
  • Strikers 1945 III | PC
  • DLC Mini-Game ‘Kanna Raising Simulator’ | PS4
  • Pool Slide Story | Switch
  • The Wanderer: Frankenstein’s Creature | Switch
  • Biped | Switch
  • Clash Force | Switch
  • Infini | Switch
  • GERTY | Switch
  • Singled Out | Switch
  • The Otterman Empire | Switch, Xbox
  • Alphadia Genesis | Xbox

Pretty lean lineup. Onto the trailers!

Bit of a thin one, but that happens in this industry. See anything new you like, or will you be catching up on something else this week?


  • Still waiting for Plants Vs Zombies to appear. The Ireland/Philippines pre-release was like 4 months ago!

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