Valorant Beta Cheaters Sad, Mad Over Bans Persisting Into Final Game

Valorant Beta Cheaters Sad, Mad Over Bans Persisting Into Final Game
Image: Riot Games

Yesterday, Riot Games’ new tactical shooter, Valorant, emerged from its post-beta slumber and into full release. This meant a fresh start for most players, who saw their ranks reset and an influx of new names to attach to (and, in the midst of battle, detach from) faces. Cheaters, however, were not so lucky.

Players who used cheats during Valorant’s closed beta assumed that they, too, would have their records wiped clean. Even now, however, many of their accounts either remain banned or got re-banned after a few rounds of play. As spotted by Twitter account the Anti-Cheat Police Department, cheaters took to popular cheat forums and Discords to complain.

“Still banned by HWID [hardware identification],” said one.

“FFS, I just got banned 10 rounds in. Created the account this morning,” said another.

“Used free cheats not even long and still banned,” said another. “Man, this sucks.”

During closed beta, Riot banned over 10,000 Valorant cheaters in total. Last month, Riot anti-cheat developer Matt Paoletti said on Twitter that there would be some leniency for “most” players who received hardware bans, but that they’d have to create new accounts no matter what. Most, however, does not mean all, and enough remain banned that they’ve taken to reaching out to Riot employees in a desperate attempt to find out what’s up.

“Hey man I was just wondering, I was one of the players that used a free cheat and I was really [excited] to hear that we would be given a second chance to learn our lesson, and I have. I just have tried to play today with a new account and got removed with ‘you have been banned from Valorant.’ Anyway, this is a mistake or you guys just didn’t lift bans?” one banned player wrote to Riot CEO Nicolo Laurent in a Twitter DM.

“Sorry, no second chance for cheaters,” he replied.

In response to this exchange, Paoletti clarified what’s going on.

“Those who tested the tools a couple of times have been spared like [fellow anti-cheat developer Phillip Koskinas] and I have said, but continual abusers of free cheats and users of pay-to-cheats have remained HWID’d for an indefinite period,” Paoletti wrote on Twitter.

It’s a rough day for pathological cheaters, who, contrary to their own beliefs and nobody else’s, do not deserve better. Now if only Riot would go after the racists with similar fervour.


  • Still wish there was one platform for ALL games and if you cheated in mp, properly cheated not just use a glitch of exploit, then you got your platform account banned and lost all the games etc. May make people think before cheating.

    • I didn’t quit overwatch because of cheaters. I quit because of the racism, sexism and general toxicity that runs rampant in the playerbase. Videogame cheating doesn’t affect daily life for anybody.

  • I made the mistake of letting my early teen son try this game before I did. Game was OK, but the dog-shit community is the worst we’ve ever encountered. And I used to play Gears of War and COD.
    First round in left him in tears. I uninstalled it, and apologised to him for fucking up so bad.

  • the sad fact is people are playing this game to start with. didnt they learn from hown cancerous overwatch was?

  • What was the game that flagged cheaters but instead of banning them just matched them with each other?

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