Welcome To The Ugliest Castle In The World

Welcome To The Ugliest Castle In The World
GROSS! Disgusting! Bleh!! (Screenshot: Nintendo, Twitter)

This week we use a chain to fight the power, try to figure out what’s going on with Chris Redfield’s face, check out a ton of new PS5 games, discuss the role of police in games and visit the ugliest castle in video game history.

Great Kotaku Content From The Past Week

Video Games Have To Reckon With How They Depict The Police

The depiction of police in video games has taken many forms over the years. Officers might appear as antagonists exemplifying corruption and violence, or as benevolent forces doing their best to protect and serve. Recent weeks of protests against police brutality and racism have upended video games' ability to depict...

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It’s not just TV and movies that have problems with their portrayals of cops. Games have a long history of showing cops as selfless, honorable heroes.

Is Chris Redfield OK

Chris Redfield is an amorphous blob. The veteran Resident Evil protagonist seems to fill whatever shape Capcom needs at the time, resulting in several drastically different appearances across the franchise. With yesterday's reveal of Resident Evil Village, we've been treated to a glimpse of how Chris will be carrying himself...

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Chris, buddy, you doing alright?

The sound design in Clubhouse Games is possibly some of the best this generation. I love the way cards shuffle and dice rattle.


Thank you, I did enjoy this.

If you kneel in front of the cops while holding a special pearl in just the right spot, you unlock the ability to defund them.

Peach, you need to hire some interior decorators.


Trailers & Videos From The Past Week

Is that an X-Wing I see….(It’s not.)

I wasn’t that interested in this game and now suddenly I want it very badly.

The Ratchet & Clank reboot on PS4 is one of the best action platformers made in the last decade. So I’m a little excited about this.

Death Stranding called, it’s suing you.

I’m going to give Wasteland 2 a second chance. I tried it once on console and I hated it. But maybe on PC…


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