What Are You Playing This Long Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Long Weekend?

Because E3 has been officially cancelled, this will be the first June long weekend I’ve been able to properly enjoy in five years. So rather than waking up at stupid o’clock to cover what would have ordinarily been the Microsoft and Bethesda conferences, I’m going to enjoy exploring a world of a different variety.

It should be no surprise that reviewers worldwide have access to The Last of Us 2, after all the preview stories that dropped. There’s still nothing more than can be said about the game, but I can say that I’m not finished with it yet (although that’s also partially because this week has been super busy).

It's The Little Things That Make The Last Of Us 2 Unique

I came across a section of gameplay - I won't say where - and there was a trap. Annoyed at having come through the other side of too many fights with bugger all resources left, I thought, "Fuck it. I'm going to stand here. The infected will see me. The trap can do the work." And, mostly, it did. The infected made a beeline for Ellie's freckled face, straight through the trap, and straight to the floor. But having legs is not a requirement for The Last of Us 2's infected. Crawling works just fine.

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There’s an awful lot to play and get through. I’m still working on a fuller review of Valorant, which is probably going to veer into some wild places given my lengthy history with Counter-Strike. Codes for Command & Conquer: Remastered Collection should be dropping today or tomorrow, and reliving the campy FMVs and seeing all the touched up audio and sprites should be a blast. On top of that, there’s also review codes dropping for various things that I can’t talk about. (But you can probably guess some of them by looking at what’s coming out soon.)

It’s a busier June than ever. Even though we don’t have the traditional compressed E3 calendar, there are so many games releasing this month that ordinarily wouldn’t have dropped. Good time for gamers, but God I wish there were more hours in the day.

What are you playing over the long weekend?


  • For entree I’ll start with a portion of Valorant, followed by Command & Conquer: Remastered for main and for desert a generous helping of Disco Elysium.

  • I’ll be working through the last bits of Division 2’s manhunt, hopping into Destiny for some raiding, and starting LoU Remastered to prep for LoU2 in a couple of weeks.

  • It’s not a long weekend here in Brisbane, but I’ll be working my way through Farcry 5 (loving it so far) and pepper in some Hunt:Showdown

  • Bit of Layers of Fear 2 for some mess-with- your head horror; fun times!
    Will check out SW : Battlefront 2 being a freebie on PS+, dropped many hours on the first one so 30 mins could turn into 100 hours.

  • Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, which is where I’m up to in my “play all the Assassin’s Creed games” journey.

  • well my new mouse is here after like a month lol

    I started the download for Kingdoms Of Amalur given the positive feedback on here and around the internet so let’s see how that goes

  • Why are there always two of these posts? Is the other a US repost?

    I’m doing a StarDew Valley playthrough again, so will probably play that unless something better comes along.

    Also been playing a free casual game “Red Planet Farming” on Steam which is fun. It’s very simple and hasn’t got a ton of depth, but the devs are updating, and are active on the steam discussion page for the game, so it’s worth a try if you’re into casual farming games.

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