Wizards Of The Coast Cut Ties With Sexual Predator

Wizards Of The Coast Cut Ties With Sexual Predator

Noah Bradley, an artist known for his contributions on over 100 Magic: The Gathering Cards, has been cut off from all work with Wizards of the Coast after a number of serious sexual assault allegations were made against him over the past week.

Bradley, who has also worked with companies like Disney and Valve, issued a statement on Twitter in response, admitting that he was a “shitty, creepy sexual predator” who “preyed” on younger women and “pressured them into sex”.

There’s also this:

In response, Wizards of the Coast issued a statement condemning Bradley’s actions, and committing to removing reprints of his work.

Magic has a long-standing reputation in the fantasy art community for working with amazing independent artists who bring the Magic universe to life for players and our community. Wizards is committed to nurturing a safe and fun environment for all in its community and does not tolerate abusive behaviour or harassment.

Unfortunately, an artist that we work with, Noah Bradley, engaged in inappropriate sexual conduct with members of the Magic and artist community. His actions do not reflect the values of Wizards nor the Magic community and, accordingly, today we are cutting ties with Noah — we will no longer commission artwork from him, and we will remove reprints of his work from our products.

That being said, the long timeframe between commissioning art, the manufacturing of printed products, and that product being available for purchase means that some of his artwork will appear in products still scheduled to be released.


    • If you’re referring to the companies he worked for, you’re confusing art with brand. His brand is inconsolable with theirs.

      Let’s not act like he was painting the Sistine Chapel. He might well be a very talented artist, but he wasn’t exactly making significant cultural contributions in a world full of clamouring fantasy artists. Maybe if his art had been more culturally significant there could be a discussion around this. But it wasn’t, so there isn’t.

    • I can enjoy his art, think he’s a nasty piece of work, and condemn Wizards for its meaningless gestures, all without leaving the comfort of my chair or feeling any guilt whatsoever.

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