A Cosplay Colouring Book!


Put together by Milynn Sarley and featuring art by Emily Claus, Starlight Guild is a new colouring book that turns some excellent fantasy cosplay into some excellent, crafty art.

Cosplayers and costume designers featured include aliciamariebody, fireflypath, hendoart and _fairytas. “I took my real life friends who have made strides in the world as professional costumers, photographers, models, actresses, Dungeons & Dragons game masters, cosplayers, video game creators and so much more, and made them into RPG colouring book characters,” Milynn says of the 22-page project.

A digital release, it’s $7, and you can get it here.

Cosplay by fireflypath (Illustration: Starlight Guild)


    • I think the article is using cosplay fairly loosely here and it isn’t about actual fandom character cosplays but more dressing up as the OCs created by them for D&D and other things.

  • That website could use some work. It seems kind of sketchy (pun intended) to have a site that has no explanation of anything and is just a single item shopping page. I feel like it’s going to harvest my credit card number or something.

    Also way to go not mentioning (or even linking) that the Milynn Sarley in question is Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy.

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