A Different Take On The Last Of Us 2

A Different Take On The Last Of Us 2

There’s been plenty written and said about The Last of Us 2, and we’ve had a few takes of our own. But it’s always good to promote different voices where possible, and there’s one today that’s definitely worth listening to.

It comes courtesy of one of the most underrated channels on YouTube, Girlfriend Reviews. The channel’s always been great at drawing a ton of humour from a different perspective. And the latest spin on The Last of Us 2, typically, has plenty of good bits and jokes as well.

But what’s great about the channel’s take on The Last of Us 2 is the neat way it flips a lot of the anger people have around Joel and Naughty Dog’s characterisation. The game is designed to make you uncomfortable. It’s meant to make you feel the way Ellie and Abby feels, whether you want to or not.

And, sure, that’s a lot to take in right now. As Ash wrote earlier today, there’s enough misery, brutality and unnecessary violence in the world. We’re living through an especially upsetting time, moreso if you or your family have been directly affected by the coronavirus or indirectly affected through job losses, declining mental health or general uncertainty.

It makes The Last of Us 2, a product and piece of entertainment that most consumers would expect to entertain, difficult for many. But straddling that divide also makes for a property that’s fascinating to discuss, and gaming as a medium is better when studios can take massive risks on blockbuster properties with stories like these.

“Isn’t it fascinating that a cautionary tale about the damage grief can cause to ourselves and others has resulted in months of confusion, anger, vitriol, bigotry and threats of violence,” the review adds.

In the end, how we deal with pain says it all.


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