A Live-Action Evangelion Movie Could Look Like This


This is not a live-action Evangelion movie. I repeat. It’s not. Rather, this is an ad for an OPPO Ace 2 smartphone that’s been emblazoned with Eva.

The CG is quite good and has a Shin Godzilla vibe. This does show that, yes, a live-action Evangelion movie could be possible.

Watch the full spot below.

But whether or not creator Hideki Anno actually greenlights one (or has the time to!) or whether the ultimate adaptation is any good is another matter. 


  • Their last 2 iterations started great but just go snooker loopy toward the end – can’t say I’ve much hope for this one.

    • I enjoyed the first 2 rebuilds, they felt like cleaner re-tellings of the original series. But yeah, then the 3rd just went batshit crazy

  • Looks fantastic and I’d love to see a full movie done like that. However, when are we going to get over this fixation of calling CGI “Live-Action”?

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