Amazon Has a Great Deal on The Last of Us: Part 2

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Barely a month after its release, there are already great deals on physical copies of The Last of Us: Part 2 via Amazon Australia, which is great news for those who haven’t quite gotten around to the title yet. You can pick it up from the retailer now for $69 (nice), a full 31% off its RRP of $99.95.

Currently, the PlayStation Store is selling the game for the full $99.95, as is EB Games, while JB Hi-Fi’s current price is sitting at $79. In other words, $69 is about as good as it gets right now. A truly nice price.

If you’re out of the loop, The Last of Us: Part 2 is the follow-up to Naughty Dog’s 2013 PS3 game, The Last of Us, which garnered critical acclaim from games media and fans alike.

Part 2, however, has had a mixed reception, with reviewers praising its gritty violence, strong story and beautiful graphics with high scores, while many fans have disagreed. Either way, it has certainly lived up to being one of the biggest releases of 2020 so far.

For some, it exists as a form of entertainment that aims to make the player feel uncomfortable, forcing them to confront themes that mirror what’s going on in the real world, which can be a bit much for anyone just looking for a good time. But for those invested in the story and aren’t afraid of being challenged, it’s well worth a spin.

“It’s easy to hold up The Last of Us 2 as a showcase of blockbuster gaming,” Kotaku Australia Editor Alex Walker said in his review. “It is, on the surface, a shining example of what can be achieved with enormous talent, budget and an exceedingly unhealthy amount of time. It is full of beautiful moments, astonishing scenery and the kind of luxury that few games are capable of.”

If you’ve been waiting for the price to drop before diving in, now’s your chance. The Last of Us: Part 2 is currently on sale at Amazon Australia for $69.

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  • This is one this is one of the best games I’ve played and a worthy successor to the original, definitely a bargain at that price.

  • Has been available consistantly for this price for ages.
    I also noticed a heck of a lot of unsold “sold out” collectors editions available now too lol.
    Hard pass.

    • It was released at this price at a few stores as a day 1 price then immediately went up $10 after that. This is back to the day 1 price. Unless Amazon had it at this price beore their sale, I didn’t check, I don’t have Prime so I never browse them due to shipping costs.

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