Animal Crossing New Horizons: How To Get Every Piece Of Mermaid Furniture

Animal Crossing New Horizons: How To Get Every Piece Of Mermaid Furniture
Image: Nintendo
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When Animal Crossing: New Horizons first released, fans of the franchise were disappointed by the lack of mermaid furniture available. It was one of the highlights of the original Animal Crossing games and is by far the prettiest furniture set in the franchise.

The game’s ‘summer’ update added mermaid furniture back into the game — but you’ll need to master a few tricks if you want to grab the whole set.

Mermaid furniture does not appear in Nook’s Cranny or as a single furniture item. Instead, you’ll need to collect every recipe and craft the items yourself.

To find mermaid furniture recipes, you’ll need to go diving in the ocean. Occasionally when diving, you’ll catch a scallop. These sea creatures are special because they come with the chance of summoning Pascal to your island.

Pascal is an otter who loves scallops. He’ll trade you one piece of mermaid furniture or pearl in exchange for your scallop and swim away into the horizon. If Pascal gives you a pearl, hold onto it. Each mermaid furniture recipe requires at least one pearl (along with other seashells) to complete it. They also appear very rarely, so treasure it when you find one.

Here’s every piece of mermaid furniture to collect and what you’ll need to craft them:

  • Mermaid Chair – pearl, giant clam, 2 x sand dollar
  • Mermaid Table – pearl, 4 x sand dollar
  • Mermaid Shelf  – pearl, giant clam, 4 x coral
  • Mermaid Sofa – pearl, 10 x sand dollar
  • Mermaid Vanity – pearl, giant clam, 2 x coral, 2 x iron nugget
  • Mermaid Closet – 2 x pearl, giant clam, 2 x coral, 5 x sand dollar
  • Mermaid Lamp – pearl, 3 x conch, 2 x coral, 2 x iron nugget
  • Mermaid Wall Clock –  pearl, 3 x sea snail, 2 x coral, 2 x iron nugget
  • Mermaid Screen – 2 x pearl, 3 x giant clam, 5 x sand dollar
  • Mermaid Dresser – 2 x pearl, giant clam, 3 x coral
  • Mermaid Wallpaper – 2 x pearl, 2 x sea snail, 2 x sand dollar, 2 x coral, 2 x giant clam
  • Mermaid Flooring – 2 x pearl, 5 x sand dollar, 5 x stone
  • Mermaid Rug – pearl, 3 x sand dollar
  • Mermaid Bed – 2 x pearl, 2 x giant clam, 5 x sand dollar

If you’re growing impatient with your collection, there is a solution.

Head online to trade Animal Crossing items

Head online and you’ll find several forums, Discord servers and groups for trading Animal Crossing items.

If you’re looking for something in particular (like mermaid furniture), you can pop into the largest Animal Crossing Discord to request a trade. There’s also Nookazon and Reddit’s Animal Crossing Marketplace that feature similar buy and sell options as well as Twitter’s ACNH tag.

The Animal Crossing community is extremely helpful so it’s easy to find the stuff you need.

The best thing about Animal Crossing: New Horizons is everyone receives different items in their town and has personal favourites. If you’re looking for items like the mermaid furniture set, you might have something valuable to trade. Nook Mile Tickets in particular are essential items for trading. (Many players are still looking for their own Raymond.)

Other players will also be collecting mermaid furniture at a different pace to you. You might have a chair someone else has yet to discover and they might have the dresser you’re missing.

Head online and see what you can find. You might even make some brand new friends in the process.

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