Bungie Just Made Destiny 2 Raids More Rewarding (For The Next Three Months)

Bungie Just Made Destiny 2 Raids More Rewarding (For The Next Three Months)
Image: Bungie / Adrian Majkrzak

Raids are some of the hardest but most rewarding parts of Destiny 2. If you’ve spent any amount of time playing the game you really owe it to yourself to see what these six-player missions have to offer, especially since some of them won’t be around for much longer.

Last month, Bungie announced that Moments of Triumph event kicked off today and, alongside it, Bungie revealed that each of these raids will lose their loot caps.

Normally, you can only get rewards from a given raid once a week to stop people from trying to power farm them and to help level the playing field for more casual players. In other words, even if you completed a raid seven times in one week, you’d only get legendary drops from each segment of the raid once. That’s no longer the case, and players have until September 22 to play Leviathan, Scourge, and Crown as many times as they like until they’ve got full sets of each raid’s exclusive gear (like that sleek Midnight Coup hand cannon I never managed to get my hands on from the Leviathan).

Screenshot: Bungie Screenshot: Bungie

Beating every raid is also one of the dozens of achievements players need to complete for this year’s Moments of Triumph challenge, providing another little nudge in the direction of finally checking them off your Destiny 2 bucket list. The only raids that still have a cap in place are the Last Wish and Garden of Salvation, since they’ll still be available after Beyond Light launches.

Today’s update has also added plenty to do for people who have already had their fill of old Destiny 2 content, including a new exotic quest for a trace rifle and a new Contact public even located on Titan. The dark alien pyramids invading the solar system haven’t been wasting any time these last few weeks, and it’s only a matter of time before they get to Earth. In the meantime, to make grinding on Titan a bit more enjoyable, its vendor, field commander Sloane, is giving out weekly bounties for exodus umbral engrams.

I’m not much for Moments of Triumph myself, but since this summer is the end of an era for Destiny 2 I’m looking forward to taking my own trip down memory lane before the game drastically changes. Titan’s mesmerising chemical oceans and mysterious golden age ruins make it one of my favourite locations in the game and I’ll be sad to see it go. So it’s nice to have some new reasons to return this week.