Carrion’s Current Switch Icon Is A Monster Vagina

Carrion’s Current Switch Icon Is A Monster Vagina
I play many different genres. (Screenshot: Nintendo)

Phobia Game Studio’s Carrion, out today for Switch, Xbox One, and PC, is a nifty “reverse horror” game in which players control a terrifying alien monster stalking a remote science outpost. Its Switch icon is a pretty gory-looking vagina suspended by meaty tentacles. It’s due to be changed soon.

To be fair, the star of Carrion is a tentacled beast with a gaping maw at its centre, ready to tear screaming humans apart with its gnashing teeth. Check out the creature in the trailer below. The icon is almost spot-on.

“Almost,” I say, because the Switch icon lacks the toothy bits. Maybe they are hidden and only pop out at specific times. Here is the uncensored version of the icon.

Carrion’s Current Switch Icon Is A Monster Vagina

Two notes here. One, my wife said the icon could also be an anus. Two, look how happy Paper Mario is about the whole thing.

I reached out to PR for publisher Devolver Digital, who said that a new, updated icon is already under review for the Switch version of Carrion. I am not sure how that makes me feel.

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