Cicadas And Beetles Invade Animal Crossing: New Horizons Today

YAY! Also ew.  (Screenshot: Nintendo)
YAY! Also ew. (Screenshot: Nintendo)

Today is the beginning of July, when swarms of cicadas, bunches of big beetles, and schools of new fish start showing up on Northern Hemisphere islands in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Nets up, people.

Growing up, cicadas were one of the sure signs of summer. The massive bastards would start showing up on trees around this time, making noise by rubbing their legs together or smashing against car windshields in spectacular fashion. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons they mainly hang on trees, making their signature buzzing noise.

What, no John Cicadas? I know it's Secada, the joke still works. (Screenshot: Nintendo)

There are several different cicada varieties showing up today. Brown cicadas, robust cicadas, evening cicadas, giant cicadas, and even empty cicada shells, which are somehow creepier than living bugs.

It’s also a good time to stock up on all sorts of beetles. Blue weevil beetles, earth-boring dung beetles, and scarab beetles. You want horned beetles? There are horned atlas, Hercules, dynastid, and elephant beetles. Stags? How about giant, golden, giraffe, cyclommatus, miyama, and saw? So many damn beetles.

Along with the cicadas and beetles, July also brings grasshoppers, walking leaf, and walking stick bugs to the islands. What a weird ecosystem.

Meanwhile, in the water, expect to find Napoleonfish, blue marlin, ocean sunfish, puffer fish, and sweetfish. I am particularly fond of the Napoleonfish and its awesome aquarium.

Such a majestic forehead. (Screenshot: Nintendo)

Meanwhile, in the Southern Hemisphere, nothing. You poor people. Don’t worry, in a few days we’ll be swimming and you’ll forget all about it.

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