Here’s 20 Minutes From That Aussie Breath Of The Wild Game, Windbound

Here’s 20 Minutes From That Aussie Breath Of The Wild Game, Windbound

It’s not just Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla that’s teasing gameplay. The Aussie game that looks like Breath of the Wild meets Windwaker has shown off its first proper chunk of in-game footage, too. Here’s what to expect from Windbound.

Made by the same studio behind the Syndicate-esque Satellite Reign, 5 Lives Studios has been working on Windbound ever since. And from the day it was announced, Windbound has looked like an indie combo of Windwaker and Breath of the Wild — and the first proper gameplay confirms that.

The video below runs for just over 21 minutes. It starts on a lush, small island, with the player looting some items before climbing a small tower. The tower reveals another one like it off into the distance, so you get into the boat and go for a little journey across the ocean.

Along the way there’s a massive rock formation, which basically teleports you into a dungeon of sorts. There’s no massive enemies or boss fights here, but a quick sail journey where you navigate the wind and waves. At the end, you can make an offering, vastly improving your stamina usage while swimming or running.

The second island showcases a little more combat and, as you’d expect, cooking. No fancy recipes or dubious food for Windbound though, just old fashioned roasted meat.

There’s no grand moments or enormous fights or story beats in the video above. It’s very serene and focused on exploration, which is just the chill sort of thing I need before the madness of September-October-November begins.

Windbound is launching on August 28 for PS4, Switch Xbox One, PC and, for those signed up to it, Google Stadia. There’s more screenshots and info over on the Steam page.


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