Herman Miller Wants To Sell You A $2100 Gamer Chair

Herman Miller Wants To Sell You A $2100 Gamer Chair

Gaming chairs are already decently expensive. But they’re nowhere near the premium being asked by the American furniture conglomerate Herman Miller, who now has a gaming chair of their own.

Priced at $US1495 ($2090) not including shipping to Australia, the Embody Gaming Chair is one of three gamer-themed products from a partnership with Logitech. “In-depth research convinced us that we needed to modify a current offering to improve lower back support, increase forward leaning, provide a greater ability to swivel, and better adjustments for tables and monitors,” Herman Miller’s Tim Straker said.

So, the end result is, naturally, an expensive-ass chair. There’s also a $1816 ($US1299) gaming desk and a $328 ($US235) monitor arm, which is Apple-levels of crazy. There’s no word on when the chairs will be available in Australia, and Logitech’s own landing page says is Herman Miller handling the distribution. The Australian Herman Miller page does have a listing for the chair, gaming desk and monitor arm, although there’s no local pricing at the time of writing.

herman miller gaming chair
Image: Herman Miller

I’m curious as to how well something like this would do in Australia. Gamers have spent thousands of bucks on nice things before, but chairs usually isn’t one of them. If you go and shell out for an RTX 2080 Ti, there’s a measurable, immutable impact on the games and things you enjoy. That’s something that’s easily measured, something everyone understands. The comfort of a gaming chair? And the value of a $2000-plus chair over something worth $1000? Or $500? That’s not as well understood.

Still, Herman Miller have enough brand weight that they can probably get away with it. Herman Miller chairs are at least several hundred, and that’s second-hand or refurbished. If you’re curious, there’s more pretty shots over on the Herman Miller site.

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