All The Upcoming Indie Games We’re Excited For In 2020

All The Upcoming Indie Games We’re Excited For In 2020

We’ve already seen some spectacular indie game releases in 2020 — but the year isn’t over yet. There’s a bunch of fantastic-looking indie gems just over the horizon.

From the cutesy charm of Ooblets to the very intriguing Twelve Minutes and beyond, here’s every indie game we’re looking forward to over the next year.

Best Friend Forever

All The Upcoming Indie Games We’re Excited For In 2020Best Friend Forever is an incredibly cute dating sim / doggy simulator from New Zealand developers, Starcolt. It combines all the classic hallmarks of dating sims with the ability to befriend a dog companion and connect with other dog owners.

Not only can you find and romance a bunch of interesting characters, you can also groom, pet and look after your canine companion. If you’re looking for your next relaxing adventure, this might be it. Best Friend Forever releases August 27 on PC and Switch.


All The Upcoming Indie Games We’re Excited For In 2020Ooblets is what you’d get if you crossed Pokémon with Animal Crossing. It’s an adorable adventure where players raise quirky little critters known as Ooblets while establishing a farm, befriending villagers and even participating in dance battles.

It’s got a very unique cartoon aesthetic and should be great fun when it hits the Epic Games Store from July 15.

Twelve Minutes

indie games 2020Twelve Minutes is a time loop murder mystery where players will die over and over to uncover the truth of their wife’s past. It takes place in a single room, heightening the tension with every playthrough. Each time players die, more of the mystery will unfold. It’s a great little conceit and one games haven’t played often played with.

Time loops are the hot new thing, and Twelve Minutes looks like a unique spin on the genre.


All The Upcoming Indie Games We’re Excited For In 2020

In this slimy platformer, players assume the slippery form of a symbiote intent on destroying humanity. Carrion has some awesome (and totally disgusting) physics that are a bunch of fun to play with and its pixel art style really stands out.

When it finally releases this year, it’s going to be some oozing good fun.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

All The Upcoming Indie Games We’re Excited For In 2020Fall Guys is a wacky multiplayer game where players must avoid obstacles, fight each other, steal eggs and try not to get squished so they can be crowned king. It was on show at PAX Australia last year and proved to be hilariously good fun. The physics in this game are particularly funny and lead to blobby player avatars bouncing wildly across the screen like jumping beans.

You’ll want to grab a few mates and get playing when this game releases later in 2020.


All The Upcoming Indie Games We’re Excited For In 2020Sable continues to stun with every appearance. It was first revealed in 2018 and while news has been slow to come since then, it appears set for its anticipated 2020 release. This coming-of-age adventure plays out in a unique cel-shaded style unlike any other game. It’s truly beautiful and is set to be a memorable experience.

Everything about this game sings with personality and we can’t wait to see it release later in the year.


indie games 2020

This gorgeous pixel adventure features a dystopian society near its collapse. As players venture through run down towns ravaged by a plague, they must defeat deadly monsters, explore intriguing locales and make new friends in the wasteland.

You can also use your skills to create mean dishes and explore the secrets of the outside world. Think Breath of the Wild mixed with a lot of pixel-ly charm.


indie games 2020 releasesSpiritfarer, from Thunder Lotus Games, is a gorgeous cel-shaded adventure all about dying. In it, players take on the role of a ferrymaster carrying the souls of their dead friends to the afterlife. The glimpses we’ve seen of this game are fleeting but very exciting.

It looks fantastic and utterly soul-crushing, making it one of our most anticipated titles of the year.

Mineko’s Night Market

indie games 2020 releasesMineko’s Night Market is a village simulator inspired by titles like Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon. In the story, Mineko is a young girl who’s stumbled on a mysterious village overrun by cats. It’s got an incredibly cute art style and a bunch of delightful activities to participate in during your stay.

Mineko’s Night Market looks like pure joy, and we’re very excited for its upcoming release.

Of course, there’s also many other upcoming indies we’re excited for, including a whole lot from Aussie developers.

The games industry is currently thriving despite the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. In the months and years to come, we’re sure to see the creativity and impact of indie games blossom.

Did we miss any indie game you’re looking forward to in 2020? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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