Just-Revealed Superhot Sequel Is Free For Owners Of The Original

Just-Revealed Superhot Sequel Is Free For Owners Of The Original

What started out as free downloadable content for time-manipulation action game Superhot has blossomed into Superhot: Mind Control Delete, a new standalone game four times as large as the original. It’s launching on July 16 for PC, PlayStation 4, and PC, and owners of the first game get this new one for free.

The Superhot team began development on Mind Control Delete back in 2017, envisioning it as a small batch of downloadable content for the original, non-VR Superhot they’d release by the end of the year. They envisioned wrong. Now it’s an all-new game set in the Superhot universe. Not only is it much more expansive, it’s got new game mechanics that take advantage of the game’s signature time-bending power, more skills, hacks, and special techniques to use, and new enemies to battle and characters to control. In other words, it’s a whole thing.

As the trailer clearly states (you might want to slow it down a little), Superhot owners on GoG, Steam, the Epic Game Store, or PlayStation 4will see Superhot: Mind Control Delete automatically appear in their game libraries within days of July 16. Xbox One players will get a message with a code to download the new game for free.

Note that players who obtained Superhot free through promotions (Epic Game Store or Xbox Games with Gold) will not be eligible for a free copy. A Switch version of Mind Control Delete is coming at a later date, so I suppose they’ll deal with that when it happens. Team Superhot is giving the new game out free to anyone who’s purchased Superhot before July 16, 2020, so if you haven’t bought it yet, there’s still plenty of time to grab the original and get the sequel for free. Otherwise it’s $36, which is not nearly as good a deal.


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