Looks Like Lego’s Making A Brick-Built NES That Plays Mario On A Retro TV


Chinese website VJ Gamer (via Resetera) has uploaded a series of photos of what looks like Lego set 71374, a 2,646 brick recreation of a Nintendo Entertainment System complete with controller, cartridge, and a retro TV set that plays Super Mario Bros. when a crank on the side is turned. I’d but it.

While there’s no official confirmation as of this writing, the Lego NES would serve as an excellent companion piece to the rash of Lego Super Mario sets launching on August 1. According to German website Stonewars.DE, the NES set is due out the same day as the rest of the Mario kits, priced at 229.99 euros, which would be $399.95 going by traditional Lego pricing.

One of the VJ Gamer photos shows the Super Mario figure from the official interactive sets sitting atop the retro television build, with text indicating the figure interacts with the new set in some fashion.

The set is actually reminiscent of an interactive NES creation from LEGO builder Brandon Jones that popped up on YouTube last year. Rather than the crank used in this allegedly official set, Jones’ build used a motor to cycle the scenery behind his makeshift Mario figure.

If this is an official Lego set, and I have got a feeling it is, we’re sure to hear something from The Lego Group and/or Nintendo sometime between now and the August 1 launch.

Oh hey, look what popped up while I was writing.

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