Looks Like We’re Getting Age Of Empires 3 And BattleToads Real Soon

Looks Like We’re Getting Age Of Empires 3 And BattleToads Real Soon

Age of Empires 3 and BattleToads are just around the corner, according to some new classification information.

Two of the games we can expect on Friday will be BattleToads and the remaster of Age of Empires 3. That’s been confirmed by their appearance on the Australian Classification Board website, indicating that both will get a retail release soon. (Games rated recently through the digital IARC process haven’t appeared on the Classification Board website since the site’s redesign.)

Image: Classification Board

Image: Classification Board

Given that Age of Empires 4 is also in the works, it seems logical that Microsoft will provide more news on Age of Empires 3 and 4 together later this week.

As for Battletoads, the last we heard of that was at Gamescom last year. The art style was looking pretty crisp and clean, although the movement was way too sluggish for my liking. I’m hoping the devs have taken some cues from Streets of Rage 4 and the success that game had, and hopefully sped things up a little.

Neither game had a definitive release date, although typically games sent to the Classification Board are released in the same year that they’re classified. There have been rare instances with last-minute delays, though.

The latest Xbox showcase will air at 2:00am Friday, July 24 in AustraliaMore details about how and where to watch can be found here.


  • Eh, I’m not really liking the visual style. It’s too “bad Saturday morning cartoon” for my liking. I wanted something that was more like a modernised version of the SNES games. That pacing is indeed awful too. Battletoads is about fast and frenetic action whether it’s brawling, racing or descending a mineshaft full of jerk birds.

    Sadly I’ll be giving this a miss I think and keeping Battletoads on the nostalgia shelf. At least it’s not a mobile game like Commander Keen.

  • Wait… that Battletoads footage is from a real game and not a goofy youtube animator’s fan-art channel? Nooooooooo.

  • The Battletoads art style is *terrible*. It’s like the devs never played the original games at all. It looks nothing like the original games. It doesn’t play like the original games either.

    As a big fan of the original games I was so disappointed when I first saw that trailer a year ago. I really hope it’s been changed since that video because it’s truly awful.

    THIS is what Battletoads is supposed to look and play like: https://youtu.be/xACEkB9Vigo

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