Masturbation Game Listing Was Uploaded To Nintendo eShop by ‘Accident’

Masturbation Game Listing Was Uploaded To Nintendo eShop by ‘Accident’
Image: LEGO/Nintendo

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A listing for a game about secret masturbation has been pulled from the Nintendo eShop after it was uploaded by “accident” (via Nintendo Life). Don’t Get Caught was apparently slated to release today, but has been removed from the storefront by Nintendo.

The developers describe their game as "a silly and scary first-person stealth game". This is, however, no Five Nights at Freddy's, marred as it is by "scenes of sexual activities which are inappropriate for younger audiences". That's because the game's entire premise is based around playing with yourself in the back of a car without getting caught by the driver.

Quite how this mix-up happened is a mystery, as I can't imagine that uploading your game to the eShop is something that can just happen, especially when it's a title quite as NSFW as this one is. Nevertheless, both the game's developer and Nintendo seem to have taken appropriate action, so you'll just have to find another outlet for your passions.


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