Metal Gear Solid 5 Players Finally Decommission Every Nuke On The PS3

metal gear solid v
Image: Metal Gear Solid V

The secret ending for Metal Gear Solid 5 might be one of the hardest to achieve in all of video games. To get it, players need to decommission every nuke in the game, a feat that can take endless amounts of hours depending on the playerbase.

Players discovered the ending after the disarmament achievement triggered by accident on PC. But players have now dearmed the world on the PS3, providing this healthy reminder of how good the game looked on the last-gen consoles.

If you never played MGSV, or you missed the cut scene the first time around, it features the game’s main cast honouring a statue of disarmament before flashing a quote from former US President Barack Obama. “Our efforts to contain these dangers are centred on a global non-proliferation regime but as more people and nations break the rules, we could reach the point where the centre cannot hold,” the quote says.

Perhaps the most impressive element of all of this is that the game is still running on the last-gen consoles. Metal Gear Solid V was one of the last AAA games to be released for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It released in late 2015, the same year the world was graced with titles like Bloodborne and The Witcher 3. Naturally, it was full of Kojima-esque moments seemingly at odds with each other, as Jason described in his review:

For all that’s changed, The Phantom Pain has one big thing in common with other Metal Gears: It is both profoundly stupid and incredibly provocative. As I watched the story unfold, I found myself constantly frustrated, yelling “no way” at my television every time I witnessed a preposterous plot twist (there are a couple) or listened to an inane conversation (there are many). Metal Gear is to dialogue as teenage goths are to poetry, and yet — yet! — there are moments in this game that sent shivers through my body, made all the more evocative by the fact that I was in control of the action. 

Metal Gear Solid V was recently available for free on Xbox Game Pass, and PlayStation Plus before that. The game’s available on PC for $19.99 through the Humble Store right now, if you need something to get you through the next bout of iso.


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