NBA 2K21 Has Two Cover Stars, And One Of Them Is Rookie Zion Williamson

Image: 2K
Image: 2K

Like previous years, NBA 2K21 will feature multiple cover stars. Current-gen versions will have the Blazer’s Dame Lillard on the front, while the next-gen editions will feature Zion Williamson, who in any other year would be coming up on his second season, but in this current hellscape is still a rookie.

That’s kinda notable, because usually an NBA player has to “earn” their way onto the cover of one of the world’s best/worst sports games. As jcar195 points out, the previous youngest cover stars for the series have been Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, who both made it on after two seasons in the league.

Image: 2K

For reference, it took Anthony Davis four years, Kevin Durant and Giannis Antetokounmpo six, James Harden seven and Lebron James himself eleven years. For Zion to get there while still in his rookie season says a lot about the marketability of a guy who’s probably the most hyped young player since Lebron’s debut in 2003.

Here’s a trailer made for the announcement, which I am only sharing here because it has incredibly strong “Nike mid-90s NBA commercial” energy.


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