NBA 2K21 Will Cost $100 On PS5 And Xbox Series X

NBA 2K21 Will Cost $100 On PS5 And Xbox Series X
Image: Take-Two Interactive/Kotaku
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With the release of NBA 2K21, games on next gen consoles might see a price increase. In a press release this morning, Take-Two Interactive announced NBA 2K21 on the PS5 and Xbox Series X, as well as their current-gen counterparts. Noticeably, the next-gen standard versions of the game came with a suggested retail price of $69.99 USD ($101) — a $US10 ($14) jump from the standard $US59.99 ($87) for most AAA games.

Even though a handful of games have already been confirmed as next gen launch or near launch titles, they aren’t yet available for pre-order, leaving their price just as nebulous as the prices of the consoles that will run them. When you try to pre-order 2K21 from the game’s website, it lists the game as the standard $US60 ($87) price. Still with the next-gen consoles pushing the limits of technology with “3D audio” and support for 8K graphics, it makes sense that game prices might increase to offset the rising cost of development on such hardware.

Gaming is quickly becoming a prohibitively expensive hobby. A $US10 ($14) increase might not sound like much, but with the overwhelming cost of new consoles themselves and the price of online subscriptions for multiplayer capabilities, working-class families might already be priced out of the fun. And, with record unemployment numbers due to the coronavirus, less people than ever might have the money to afford a new console or a $US70 ($101) dollar game anyway.

A Take-Two’s PR spokesperson told Kotaku, “We believe our suggested retail price for NBA 2K21 on next-generation platforms fairly represents the value of what’s being offered: power, speed and technology that is only possible on new hardware.” It’s worth noting the nice $US69 ($100) dollar number is the “suggested” price, meaning retailers like Gamestop and Wal-Mart could sell them for more or for the standard $US60 ($87) bucks.

There’s really no reason we pay $US59.99 ($87) for new releases of standard games, it’s just what consumers have come to expect. And, as with the rising of video game prices to the current $US60 ($87) standard 15 years previously, that expectation can be changed. Take-Two’s new pricing strategy might be the bellwether signifying a new era of consumer price expectations.


  • This might be a little more digestible if the NBA 2k Series weren’t already a microtransaction filled hellscape of a game, honestly if the price of this series went anywhere down is the direction considering how predatory the microtransactions have become.

    A sports game is also a weird one to take the lead for higher prices due to higher development costs as they are notorious for being incremental releases with few changes each year, which i am sure as well as allowing them to pump out a game each year also significantly lowers the cost of development.

    • It wouldn’t be so bad if they stripped out the insane micro transactions but something tells me they will go for even more on top of the price hike.

  • “And, as with the rising of video game prices to the current $US60 ($87) standard 15 years previously”

    Let’s be very clear here, Video game prices have *never* stayed stagnant, only the illusion of video game prices have. Videogame prices at first, used to include the full game. At worst? With games like Wing Commander 1 and 2, you might get an expansion pack, or a speech pack but they were never the standard.

    Now, to get the actual proper experience the creator entails, you need to get the dlc, you need to get this that, and the other that they release and charge for. Not *every*game, but the sheer majority of them. Because DLC is usually stripped from the game prior to launch. That’s just day 1 dlc mind you. Then you have expansions, which for the most part, are usually themselves planned prior to release and sometimes even *ready* before release. Unless of course you’re a decent dev like CD Projekt Red?

    Then you have the insipid nature of Microtransactions. Let’s not get into those, though they *are* truly optional (but… are they in some cases?) games are quite often altered to push the consumer in the direction of purchasing them (AC Odyssey I love you, but your grindy nature was clearly altered to push people to buying them).

    When the fact is, a game used to contain everything for it’s initial cost, now a games *true* price is game + day 1 dlc price + expansion cost + *optional* mtx cost. I get it’s because, allegedly, of development cost? I still don’t buy that in total (Look at Witcher 3 for example, which get’s a clear pass due to the quality of it’s expansion).

    Fact is, the price rise just isn’t justifiable. If they had’ve said ‘We’re raising prices so we can cut back on the mtx’ or some crap, then sure I’d be on board. But as it stands? Fuck them.

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