Legend Of Korra Is Finally Coming To Netflix (Update: But Not Australia)

Legend Of Korra Is Finally Coming To Netflix (Update: But Not Australia)
Image: Nickelodeon

The follow-up adventure to Avatar: The Last AirbenderLegend of Korra, is finally hitting Netflix next month.

Legend of Korra‘s producers and Netflix announced early Wednesday morning that the story around Korra, set 70 years after the original series, would be hitting Netflix US on August 14. The series, which ran for four seasons from 2012, focuses on Korra’s life in Republic City amidst a world where bending competes with technology and societal upheaval.

Also, pro bending is a sport that’s a bit like dodgeball. Update: Netflix Australia has confirmed that Korra won’t be coming to Australia and New Zealand, with no ETA on when it might jump the divide. Time to bust out a VPN, then.

As an Avatar, Korra’s more of a brash, ask for forgiveness later type of character. Remnants of the original Avatar crew appear from time to time in the series — there’s no Aang, but Katara does appear towards the end of the first season, as does Toph in the final season of the show. As a show, it wasn’t as consistent as The Last Airbender, but the series certainly took a more adult, realistic tone to relationships, symbolism and factional politics. Korra also became prominent for being one of the first high-profile Western animation series to portray a same-sex couple at the end, which was significant for its time.

Avatar: The Last Airbender was a huge hit upon its original release, and enjoyed a massive surge of popularity when it hit Netflix last year. I’ve reached out to Netflix Australia for confirmation if Legend of Korra will hit Australian Netflix at the same time, and I’ll update this post as soon as I get a response. There’s a good chance it will: Australia got Avatar: The Last Airbender well before the US due to licensing issues, something that deeply annoyed many Americans at the time when we reported the news.


  • “there’s no Aang,” There actually is, albeit in flashback and Avatar sense form.

    • Flashbacks aren’t quite the same, especially since most of the narrative operates under Aang having passed away! That’s where I was coming from, anyway.

      • The old characters that do appear are mostly cameos.

        I’m ok with that since there are so many great new characters across the board.

    • The 3rd series is so good.

      I thought 1 was decent and 2 wasn’t great (except for the Avatar Wan episodes which I loved despite some minor retconning), but 3 was up there with the best of A:TLA with Zaheer in particular being in my eyes the best villain in either TLOK or A:TLA. Casting Henry Rollins for his voice was a stroke of genius.

      4 I really liked on paper but it didn’t quite execute on the ideas they started with as well as 3 did and overall I think you can feel that the show was initially pitched as a one-off series that then hastily was extended into 3 more seasons, but falling short of A:TLA is no insult and TLOK overall is fantastic. Hopefully it finds a new / bigger audience on Netflix than what it enjoyed in the past.

  • Well… that’s good. Korra wasn’t as good as The Last Airbender, but that’s more a reflection of how good ATLA was that you can fall short of it and still be damned good.

  • All four seasons are on Stan according to justwatch.com. Not sure if that is accurate or not as I don’t have Stan right now to check. ABC iview has the most recent two eps of S2 (it’s not keeping them, they disappear after a couple of weeks I think) And as Caser said, two seasons are also on Amazon Prime.

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