One Of The Best Professor Layton Games Just Hit iOS, Android

One Of The Best Professor Layton Games Just Hit iOS, Android

Professor Layton is one of Nintendo’s best series — and today, Australians can now enjoy one of the professor’s best adventures on phones and tablets.

Level-5’s time-bending adventure, Professor Layton and the Lost Future or Unwound Future depending on where you bought it — has just gone live on Android and iOS in Australia. The game is $21.99 on both platforms, although you can get a three-game bundle with Pandora’s Box and, my personal favourite, Curious Village, for $37.99.

professor layton mobile

Excellent games to knock out if you have a tablet and a pencil, but they should be tons of fun on mobile as well.

Unwound Future originally launched back in 2010, firing a string of smart, creative challenges at players while Luke and Layton uncovered the true mystery. The side puzzles added another six hours or so to the game’s story, which runs for about 12 to 16 hours depending on your proficiency.

The mobile version comes complete with all the animated sequences from the original, which really just added a ton to the game’s charm. There’s still all the excellent puzzles, too, like building a machinegun in the middle of a gunfight using casino chips and coins, reordering the layers of a burger, and more.

I’m torn between whether Lost Future or Curious Village are the best Professor Layton games, but you can’t go wrong with either one. Pandora’s Box is good too, and considering the 40+ hours you’re getting from the bundle, the triple back is honestly a pretty good deal. The bundle doesn’t seem to be available on Android right now, though.

professor layton mobile

professor layton

Search for Unwound Future or Lost Future on your iOS or Android phone to pick it up. I wish these games would come over to Steam somehow — they’d be great for playing on a stream or with some friends.

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