Persona 5’s Anime Is Finally Getting A $US300 English Dub

Persona 5’s Anime Is Finally Getting A $US300 English Dub
Gif: Persona 5: The Animation

While Persona 5’s anime has been out for over two years now, it’s only been available to watch with subtitles. The show’s upcoming Blu-ray release in the West is changing that, bringing back most of the game’s English-language cast for a dubbed release that…is going to cost you.

I’m not really down on the pricing practices employed by the show’s distributor, Aniplex, and apparently this is normal for them. But the box set featuring this dubbed release, containing 28 episodes totalling around 14.5 hours, is $US300 ($432).

It’s cool that we finally get to watch the series as most of us will have played the games, but…the game’s re-release only just came out, and this series is basically just a re-telling of that, so $US300 ($432) sure is a lot in these times to spend on an anime box set.

If you’re still keen though, it’ll be out on September 29.

(If you’re after a shorter, cheaper Persona 5 animated experience, the short released at the same time as the game is pretty good!)


  • This is even stranger when you consider that the anime is largely considered to be pretty lousy.

    • As someone who enjoys having the dubbed Persona 4 on in thr background, all I can say is “Yarr”.

  • I remember looking into importing the R2 DVDs for Macross Delta (they have English subs), but after seeing there’s 9 volumes at about $70US each, there was no way I was paying $630 for 26 episodes of anything.

    Apparently the high prices for physical releases has something to do with how anime is produced as a consortium – the production company, the animation studio, the broadcaster, the ad agency, etc – who each invest into the project, the low return on broadcasts, and the need to recoup production costs through DVD/Blu-ray, merchandise and licensing.

    So I can only assume a high price was paid for the license to this release, or they simply aren’t expecting it to do big numbers, and only generate interest from a very niche audience.

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