PlayStation’s New Kids Sneakers Are Gross

PlayStation’s New Kids Sneakers Are Gross
Photo: Zara

Sony has a long and storied record when it comes to sneaker collabs, from more recent Paul George releases. This latest pair, though, is not going to reach those heights.

Photo: Zara Photo: Zara

Rather than releasing with long-term partners Nike (despite looking like bootleg Air Max 270 Reacts), these shoes are being sold at Zara, and are only releasing in kid’s sizes.

Photo: Zara Photo: Zara

They look like something I’d pay $US10 ($14) for at K-Mart. Which is a shame, because these — with the very catchy official name of “PLAYSTATION © SONY INTERACTIVE ENTERTAINMENT SNEAKERS” — somehow actually cost $US50 ($70).


  • Look pretty cool to me. But then again, I can’t comment on what whether they look like ‘bootleg Air Max 270 Reacts’ or not.
    Guess I don’t hang out on Hypebeast enough.

  • They look pretty cool. I don’t think a kid would appreciate them as much as the parent.
    And, as long as they last a rigorous child, it’d be worth the money.
    The only real issue that, let’s be real, the kid would probably outgrow the shoe before they outuse it.

  • I showed these to my daughter and she thought they weren’t bad. When I asked if she would wear them she said ‘No, but they would look good on you!’

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