Please Enjoy This Beautiful Portal 2 Parody

Please Enjoy This Beautiful Portal 2 Parody
Image: Harry101UK

We could all use more Portal in our lives, and this Portal 2 parody is absolutely worth taking a minute or two out of your day for.

YouTuber Harry101UK has put together an astonishing spin on Simon and Garfunkel’s The Sound of Silence, all through Portal 2. Scripted by fellow British creator The Stupendium and rendered out through Source Filmmaker, the parody is sung through the beautifully synthesised voices of Portal‘s sentry turrets.

So, fitting for anything out of Aperture Laboratories, the song is titled The Sound of Science. And yes, of course there’s a bit of cake.

Harry101UK has built a sizeable following off the back of video game parodies, most famously with Dumb Ways to Die and This is Aperture. More recently, the channel was uploading some unofficial soundtracks for Half-Life 3.






  • The impressions in that last one gave me a smile. Wheatley’s was pretty good! Cave Johnson was also pretty decent.

    You’d have to pay me to click on a “Dumb Ways To Die” video though

  • This is quite un-amusing , as Nintendo of Australia is still claiming to be unaware of agreeing to honor the same “no questions asked and “no proof of purchase required” for any issue of joy con drift. Even though in an article published on Kotaku, a Nintendo of Australia representative said they would do just that. And only in the last week or so I also put it out there to kotaku and others, to consider following this up as it had been almost a year since the article was published. Especially given the pandemic and the massive uptake of the Switch during this time and the inevitable issues of joy con drift potentially arising out of heavy use. And then this comes out.

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