Pokemon Fashion, As Reviewed By People Who Know Fashion

Pokemon Fashion, As Reviewed By People Who Know Fashion

Video game has a lot of weird takes on fashion, but sometimes they can be surprisingly good. Today, we’re taking look at fashion from a specific angle: the world of Pokemon.


For the Pokemon fashion reviews, we have four experts who know the world of fashion inside and out: the former editor of Byrdie in Australia, Lisa Patulny, as well as three former staffers from POPSUGAR in Australia: Genevieve Rota, Alexandra Whiting, and Ashling Lee.

Let’s meet them.



Lisa: Ash is the perfect example of someone being so great at their job it doesn’t matter what they wear. He’s the Steve Jobs of Pokemon trainers.

Ashling: The ultimate chill, cool-dude get-up: baseball cap, denim, open shirt layered over a v-neck. I mean he’s my kind-of namesake so is automatically cool. 😉

Genevieve: I know this guy! He’s a little cutie. But he’s just a kid, right? We can’t judge his style, his mum probably picked it out for him. (But Ash, please try and stick to a more cohesive colour scheme next time. And why is your shirt stained poo brown?)

Alexandra: When the animator was designing Ash, he had a picture of Michael J. Fox circa Back to the Future stuck on the wall. He doesn’t get a lot of outfit alterations throughout the series either, but he’s made it iconic so I can’t really fault it. Sometimes an outfit is all about the attitude.


Lisa: Alain, we need to talk. Harem pants are not for tucking into boots—those are skinny jeans my friend. Harem pants are for people who’ve just come back from finding themselves in Peru and quote Neruda a lot and rarely shower. Also why is the Cheshire Cat’s tail wrapped around your neck?

Ashling: I find it really hard to layer clothing well – it’s a combination of either not owning enough layerable clothing or just laziness – but this guy looks perfectly prepped for trans-seasonal weather. Is that scarf hand-made?

Genevieve: This guy is clearly pretty chic and with a name like Alain, how could he not be? Is that a scarf around his neck, or a creature? I’m not 100 percent sure but either way, he needs to keep it. I’m not into the gloves (too Michael Jackson circa “Bad”) but I am into the effort he’s put in layering 3 pieces on his top half.

Alexandra: I have a few questions about Alain’s scarf. Is it alive? Is it a Pokemon? Or does Alain simply exist in a lower level of gravity where scarfs float and clothes remain nicely aerated. Jokes at Alain’s expense aside, the kid looks fresh off the Marc Jacobs AW18 runway. Elevated sports luxe with a touch of effeminate fancy. Classic MJ.


Lisa: Apparently the only part of Dawn’s body that feels the cold is her neck. That’s the only reasonable explanation for this outfit which consists of a skirt the size of a postage stamp, a singlet, one of Harvey Specter’s vests and A SCARF. Get changed Dawn, you’re not going out like that.

Ashling: WHAT FUN! I mean, she’s wearing millennial pink, so she already wins.

Genevieve: MILLENNIAL PINK! Also, moon boots as fashion? Comfort level: extreme. Dawn is way ahead of her time, and she knows it.

Alexandra: Dawn looks like a classic US basic circa 2005. You know, the mall-strolling, Ugg-wearing (she actually is wearing Uggs, right?), gum-chewing basic with way too many accessories. I can see six items I would have previously listed as “instant outfit updaters” in my mag days: beanie, hairclips, neck scarf, vest (so ‘00s!), wrist watch and black knee-high socks. Actually, I think Britney Spears wore this exact outfit to the premier of Crossroads.


Ashling: I have so many questions for this dude. Is he shirtless under that trench? Why? Is that intentional? How long did it take to grow that moustache? Is it easy to maintain? Doesn’t it get in the way when he tries to speak?

Genevieve: Drake looks mad at me so I’ll tread carefully. You know, the coat is incredible. The belt, if you add a metal G, is a dead ringer for the Gucci one “fashion girls” can’t seem to get enough of. And the harem pants are always a yes in terms of effortless style. But all I can see is that moustache, and I’d much prefer if that wasn’t the case. Let it go, Drake. Show off that chiseled jaw.

Alexandra: I’ll pay the nautical nod to John Galliano, but there’s a fine line between couture and costume, and unfortunately this is the latter.

Lisa: Maybe I shouldn’t have been so harsh on Dawn—this guy is walking around in a pirate coat with no shirt on. Also, can we talk about the size of his collar? I’ll say it. That collar is compensating for something.


Ashling: This is also another very on-trend colour – yellow. I kinda dig this – it may be a bit weird – like, I still don’t really know what’s going on here with the dangly stuff – but she manages to wear a skimpy outfit well.

Genevieve: I’m going to go right ahead and assume those headphone tentacles do something powerful – otherwise I’m not sure why they’re there. Tights get a rough trot as a fashion faux pas but with legs like those I’m glad Elesa is throwing caution to the wind. Also, we have another trendsetter in our midst: Gen Z yellow is a total thing right now, and Elesa was there first.

Alexandra: There is no doubt jazzed-up headphones have had several runway moments. Dolce and Gabbanna, Fendi, Chanel, but these look more Alexander Wang. Lots of cut-outs, a minimal colour palette, skin-tight leggings, oh she’s even wearing a chocker, this is a Wang girl for sure.

Lisa: Elesa is wearing Gen Z Yellow which means she’s too young to know what happens to your abs when your metabolism goes to shit.


Ashling: So. Damn. Cute. I love everything about this – the bright denim overalls, the crop top, the pig tails . . . Would actually copy this and wear in Summer. Or if I was going to a music festival.

Genevieve: How cute is this gal! And why isn’t she in Bondi where she belongs?

Alexandra: Now Misty I know well, and I have long lamented that she is dressed like a tween who was sent to Summer Camp and grew out of all her clothes. The top is shrunk, her shorts are basically underwear, and I know she’s wearing braces that would suggest she needs them to hold up too-big pants, but I’d argue girl is using that stretch to strap down her boobs that just grew in – mum forgot to pack her training bra. And the side pony. I can’t.

Lisa: Lose the old man braces and she’s basically Bella Thorne.


Ashling: This is nice but in a sort of average way. Nothing super offensive or weird, just very stock standard female video game character sort of thing. The teeny tiny waist, short mini skirt, thigh high socks, voluminous hair…

Genevieve: OK this girl is so clearly based on Serena Van Der Woodsen from Gossip Girl — or is it vice versa? Serena is definitely the most popular girl in school. There’s too much going on but she pulls it off in a Cher Horowitz kinda way. Do people wear sunglasses on their hats? This has me confused.

Alexandra: Hey girl! Serena reminds me exactly of Stacey from The Baby-Sitters Club. Stacey grew up in NYC but then moved to the provinces (well, Stoneybrook) living her big city life behind but keeping that sense of fashion. It was also the ‘90s. Serena, Stacey, same thing.

Lisa: Not joking—is this a Gossip Girl character? I smell a lawsuit.


Ashling: I’m getting a bit of Dorian Grey and weirdly, Targaryen vibes from this guy? (Is it the hair I wonder?)

Genevieve: Can I just say that I had NO idea Pokemon had so many human characters. Is this a recent development? I feel like Steven should give Matt Preston his cravat back and maybe ease up on the skin-tight trousers. The torture devices around his wrists can go, and then I think we’ve got a pretty slick dude! Cool hair.

Alexandra: If you told me Steven was Karl Lagerfeld’s new muse/companion I wouldn’t be surprised. I’d probably stalk his social media and write five stories about him. His hair colour is my next big pick for colour trends (pink is done), Kylie Jenner has already tried it so as soon as Summer festival season hits you’ll see it everywhere, topped with a flower crown. The only part of the outfit I think Karl would veto is the crown-like jacket cuffs. He leads the house of Chanel and Coco always said “take one thing off before you leave the house”, plus, Karl doesn’t like being upstaged.

Lisa: Steven is that weird pale guy in his late ‘20s who only dates art school students, has a put on English accent and swears he’s Noel Fielding’s second best friend. (A quick FB search will tell you he grew up in Padstow and used to wear Etnies and a lot of Billabong.)


Ashling: What . . . is this thing and is it OK? It looks scared shitless and in need of a tender loving home.

Lisa: I refuse to comment. Get it? That was a garbage joke. (Did it again.)

Genevieve: Um, I love its colouring? Khaki green is all the rage for interiors. And the millennial pink on his/her wings doesn’t go unnoticed – stylish touch, Trubbish.

Alexandra: I feel like you’ve added Trubbish as a joke in an otherwise very serious examination of Anime outfits, but seriously, what hallucinogenic drug were the artists smoking when they came up with this?

This post originally appeared in September 2017. 


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