Sekiro Getting Boss Rush, New Costumes, and Message System In Free October Update

Sekiro Getting Boss Rush, New Costumes, and Message System In Free October Update

From Software’s excellent shinobi adventure Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is getting a free update on October 29 to coincide with the game’s arrival on Stadia, publisher Activision announced this morning.

The update will add an official boss rush mode to Sekiro (modders already did this last July), as well as brand new outfits for the eponymous shinobi and an indirect messaging system. These “Remnants,” as the messages are called, are brief snippets of gameplay that will populate the worlds of other players. But unlike in From Software siblings Dark Souls or Bloodborne, wherein spectral recordings show how other players died, Remnants can be recorded at will, allowing players to display a cool technique or lead fellow shinobi to hidden secrets.

Boss rush will be divided between two modes: Reflections of Strength, which allows players to return to boss battles and play them all over again, and Gauntlets of Strength, single-life challenges that task the player with defeating multiple foes in a row, much like a typical boss rush. Success will earn players two of the three new costumes, while the third is unlocked by simply beating the game.

It’s crazy to see Sekiro, which hasn’t received any DLC since launching in March 2019, receive such a large update after all this time. I was already contemplating a return to the game and its intense combat system after finishing Ghost of Tsushima, so this may be just the push I need to finally jump back in. The update will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam, and Stadia.

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