‘Shop Contest: Pascal, Winners!

‘Shop Contest: Pascal, Winners!
Image: sciteach

Pascal, Animal Crossing’s cute and chill otter, has returned in the most recent summer update for New Horizons. So in honour of his arrival, I asked you all to create some fun images featuring this adorable critter.

Our winning image this week comes from sciteach, who improves a classic film with one simple change.

Image: sciteach Image: sciteach

I expected a lot of ocean and lake images, but instead, I got a lot more variety. As always, I’m never disappointed with how (most) of you are creative and able to always come up with something that makes me giggle or at least smile.

Anyway, you can check out the original post to see all the entries, but here are some of my favourites.

Image: MonoArtan Image: MonoArtan

MonoArtan wins the award for “Wildest Last of Us Spoiler.”

Image: ToKander Image: ToKander

ToKander snags the award for “Best Three Seashells Tutor.”

Image: Richardrae1 Image: Richardrae1

Richardrae1 grabs the award for “Too Many Pascals.”

Image: Cecil_banon Image: Cecil_banon

Cecil_banon wins nothing but does pitch a new and interesting Jaws film.

Image: Done With Kinja Image: Done With Kinja

Done With Kinja receives the award for “ART.”

Image: Midghy Image: Midghy

Midghy grabs the award for “Nerdiest Pascal Joke.”

Image: Kara The Whatever Image: Kara The Whatever

Kara The Whatever receives the award for “Worst Sounding Burger of the Day.”

Image: Kerning Image: Kerning

Kerning picks up the award for “Worst Animal Crossing Mod.”

Image: Dochollandasie Image: Dochollandasie

Dochollandasie gets the award for “Best Secret Ending To Bioshock Infinite.”

Image: Badonkagronk Image: Badonkagronk

And finally, Badonkagronk wins the award for “Worst Meal I’ve Had All Week.”

That’s it for this week’s contest! If your creation didn’t win, don’t worry! There’s always tomorrow when I’ll be back with a new ‘Shop Contest.

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