So Kogan Has Their Own Lightweight Gaming Mice Now

So Kogan Has Their Own Lightweight Gaming Mice Now
Image: Kogan

Kogan sell a ton of Kogan-branded junk, but what I wasn’t expecting to see on their website any time soon was … Kogan-branded lightweight gaming mice?

The lightweight trend has been popular among manufacturers over the last couple of years. Even companies that don’t like deliberately punching holes into the chassis of their equipment have been trying to make their mice as light as possible.

And now, that trend has hit … of all places, Kogan.

kogan gaming mouse
Image: Kogan

I mean, it’s not the cheapest thing in the world. There’s a lot of really good gaming mice you can get for $79.99. That’s the same price as the Deathadder, $10 more than the very good Viper Mini and the CoolerMaster MM710, and only $10 less than the reliable Model O gaming offerings.

So it’s not really much of an impulse buy at this price. Also, the in-built software does … look, you can do better than this.

kogan gaming mouse software

Not the sharpest looking tool in the shed, that.

The mouse itself looks like a knock-off version of the Xtrfy M4 lightweight models, without the massive jut in the side that those had. Which is all to say — these might not be that bad? If they were $30 or $40 less, I’d have bought one already. But being priced at the same amount as other, very good mice makes it hard to take a gamble. I’d sooner roll the dice on this offering from Aliexpress, which doesn’t look half bad considering it’s basically going for $30 Australian. Also, it’s wireless, so even if the build quality is a bit rubbish, it’s still only around $30.

But maybe I should get one in for review just to see. You never know sometimes. Would you buy a Kogan-branded piece of gaming equipment — and if you were going to, what would you need to see before pulling the trigger?


  • My backup mechanical keyboard is a Kogan brand red switch one. And I’ve got absolutely zero complaints with it. When my G910 eventually kicks the bucket I’ll very happily and easily switch to it. All their own-branded items from all categories regularly get substantial discounts. They keyboard is usually $129 but probably about every two months or so, they go on sale. I got mine for $39. At that price for a full-size, RGB mechanical keyboard – no brainer.

    Same with the mouse. Just wait a couple of months and it’ll probably be on sale for about $20-30. If you just have patience and don’t impulse/rush buy things, Kogan is a great place to get (for the most part) reliable products with very decent build quality.

    Not to mention great customer service and locally covered returns and warranty.

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