Sony Shakes Things Up, Adds Big White Rectangle To PS5 Boxes

Sony Shakes Things Up, Adds Big White Rectangle To PS5 Boxes
Image: Sony

After months of rumours, pleading, and undercover operatives gone missing, Sony’s finally revealed the final look of PlayStation 5 retail game cases. Please contain your excitement. Also, I hope you like white rectangles.

The new case design was shown off in a small post on the Official PlayStation Blog. The new case design is very similar to the old PS4 design. However, the most noticeable change is the switch from a blue banner to a white banner at the top. And now there’s also a 5 up there instead of a 4.

Can you spot the differences?  (Image: Sony)Can you spot the differences? (Image: Sony)

Black and white seems to be the colour scheme Sony’s chosen for the PlayStation brand and the PS5 moving forward. The PlayStation Studios logo, which recently changed, uses this colour scheme too. And the curvy PS5 console itself is mostly black and white.

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of a giant white bar at the top of the box. It looks unfinished, like something I would make in Photoshop as a placeholder. But then again, who cares? I haven’t bought a physical game in nearly two years. Based on stats floating around on the web, I’m not alone. Most folks it seems are buying games digitally now. Sony is even selling a PS5 model without a disc drive. So it’s very possible that this box design reveal is the last of its kind as gaming moves toward a fully digital future.

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  • This to me screams ‘last night cram job assignment by a Uni student…’

    Then they just pounded out some rubbish 1000 companion piece on why changing the blue and white to black and white, is representative of today and the BLM movement…


  • Doesn’t exactly blow me away, but it makes sense. Keeps the basic design but differentiates it from the predecessor clearly enough. I can imagine it looking really nice with certain types of cover artwork.

  • It makes think of an XBOX 360 game box, or a less green XBOX One game. Or a more white PS3 game.

    I imagine the void on the right hand side is just an open space left for adding extra details like “Only on Playstation”.

  • Well, not a big fan, but I guess I can live with it.
    If they have to go white, would have preferred something a little off-white, just so it doesn’t looks like there’s something missing.

  • its 2020 and sony is really making things white? do they not know whats going on in the world? if its not black, well, its racist.

  • While I do like the blue cases, the white does clash with it for me. The case being black would probably make it look slicker. I think it’s more that a big white bar really doesn’t sit well against the black cover of this game cover

    But then again I rarely look at the cases of games after I buy them, so it doesn’t really matter

  • It’s… a box.

    I’m not quite sure what, exactly, anybody was expecting? If your hopes for next gen were focused on a radical step forward in box art then you may need to reassess your priorities.

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