Sony’s Looking At Buying Warframe’s Parent Company: Report

Sony’s Looking At Buying Warframe’s Parent Company: Report

A new Bloomberg report says Sony are looking at acquiring Leyou Technologies Holdings, a Hong Kong corporation that owns the developers behind Warframe, Gears Tactics, Civilization Online, and the publishers of Samurai Showdown.

The company has been in acquisition talks with iDreamSky, a firm backed by the Chinese mega-conglomerate Tencent, and other firms since late last year. Bloomberg reported that another Shenzhen-listed company made an offer for Leyou in May, and Sony is reportedly hoping to swoop in now.

Along with Digital Extremes, the makers of Warframe, Leyou is also the parent company for the makers of Gears Tactics and Enemy Territory, Splash Damage. (The Coalition, Microsoft’s first-party studio, guided the development of Gears Tactics but Splash Damage was the primary developer.)

Leyou has also secured a deal with Amazon to work on a free-to-play, online multiplayer Lord of the Rings game. Leyou will market and handle the game’s operation in China and Taiwan, while Amazon — whose first-party Crucible launched only to return to a closed beta weeks later — will handle worldwide duties.

A Sony acquisition of Leyou would make sense on the verge of a new console generation. The company has already been outspoken about doubling down on console exclusives and exclusive releases, and earlier this year Sony acquired Spider-Man makers Insomniac Games for a substantial $328 million ($US229 million).

Bloomberg’s report says no final call has been made, but Charles Yuk, the controlling shareholder in Leyou, is aiming to find a buyer and a signed agreement by the end of July.


    • I absolutely love Warframe and Digital Extremes… And maybe Sony isn’t the one to do it, but sometimes I really feel like DE needs a kick in the ass to go back and tune up previous content to bring it back in line instead of just ignoring it and tacking on yet another game mode that eventually gets left behind.

      The stuff they release is typically pretty great and they’re jaw-droppingly pro consumer for a free-to-play game, but DE have a way of being easily distracted when they think up something new and shiny and just move on.

      There’s an absurd amount of content in Warframe, but there’s not a lot of cohesion or flow to a great deal of it from one thing to the next.

      • “There’s an absurd amount of content in Warframe, but there’s not a lot of cohesion or flow to a great deal of it from one thing to the next.”

        And I like it how it is.

        Any amount of simplification has the potential to remove content or how the game functions.

        I don’t want Warframe turning into destiny 2 where everything is simplified to the point of being boring. Destiny 2 is essentially:

        Do raid
        Get raid gear
        Use raid gear to farm raid.


        Warframes complexity and broad amount of content is what appeals to me. If I get bored of one thing I can do something else. I wouldn’t want a singular corridor of progression.

        • Who said anything about simplifying?

          The best example of what I’m referring to are things like the Lich System. It’s a good system that is very much NOT integrated into the rest of the game… It’s a whole thing about selecting very separate instances of map nodes, essentially away from the rest off the game.

          It could absolutely be implemented into activities you’re already otherwise doing, and it’d feel more like part of the game as a whole. Instead it’s walled off and you simply cannot do anything else if you ever want to see Lich related stuff. Given that they’re supposed to be this nemesis hunting you down, etc, the fact you have to very specifically go looking for them instead is more than a little odd.

          Cutting something off from feeling like part of the main game doesn’t add complexity.

      • Thank fuck for that.

        Though i still don’t trust sony won’t try to EA’ify the game by changing how player-friendly the microtransactions are.

  • I guess they need replacements for some of the studios they’ve closed over the past generation like Liverpool, Evolution, Zipper, etc. Wish they’d kept them, though – especially Liverpool. I think Playstation lost a little bit of its identity by shutting down the developer of Wipeout.

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