The Internet Reacts To The Xbox Games Showcase

The Internet Reacts To The Xbox Games Showcase
Image: Halo Infinite

After waiting months, we finally got to see what the Xbox Series X and Halo: Infinite could do. Unsurprisingly, the internet had a few complaints.

Microsoft largely met their promise of an hour of gameplay, as well as some extras in the form of new reveals in the Xbox Games Showcase pre-show. But the long-awaited Halo: Infinite footage, where Master Chief rolled around taking out AA gun emplacements, as well as the cinematic footage for games like Fable, didn’t set the internet alight the way Xbox developers might have hoped.

The reveal of Fable at the end of the show was met with universal acclaim from fans, although the CG trailer showed no footage and no information about the direction the reboot would take.

There were big absences too. Call of Duty was nowhere to be seen, leading some to speculate that Sony has, once again, secured some form of exclusivity. Others took issue with the lack of in-engine gameplay shown, particularly for reveals like STALKER 2Fable and State of Decay 3. The strongest feature of the showcase, for many, was the inclusion of every single game with Xbox Game Pass.

But for others, Microsoft had yet to really justify why people should buy the Xbox Series X. The lack of hard-hitting killer games, surprise exclusives that would move the needle in a way that a Spider-Man or a large third party title would, left some dejected. The fidelity of Halo Infinite‘s gameplay also left some wondering how exactly Infinite is taking advantage of the new console.



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What did you think of the Xbox Games Showcase?


  • I’m not sure I got the hate directed at Halo, the game doesn’t look bad at all. Maybe the biggest issue here is Halo’s artstyle is kinda cartoony to begin with, and the further away from realism you get, the harder it is to show fidelity upgrades. Shrug.

    Avowed might be the biggest announcement here for me, a new Obsidian RPG which whilst we all sort of knew was coming, is freaking awesome.

    The biggest issue I think is Microsoft is still too early in its acquisitions lifecycle to really start getting big new games out to finally put to bed the ‘exclusivity’ argument.

  • What the hell is the hate towards HALO? To me, that gameplay was a return to parts 1 and 2? That’s an AWESOME thing! I haven’t owned a proper Halo game since… 4? I’ll definitely get this one if it comes to PC. That really made me interested in it. Looks like 343 finally found their way with the series.

    • I’m not really sensing a lot of hate towards Halo, or the presentation overall, more just apathy. Not great, not terrible, just… “Here’s some games”, followed by silence, perhaps an awkward cough from the back of the room, and by Monday everyone will have moved on.

      And it’s not like PS5 was vastly better, although it’s presentation’s high points were probably higher than these ones. But they’ve at least got the advantage that you actually need their console to play those games.

      Overall, though, I think this game of marketing chicken that MS and Sony are playing, with neither wanting to be first to reveal details about dates, prices, etc, is probably hurting both of them. It’s hard to generate hype around your products when you’re doing your very best to avoid talking about them.

      • Man you need to check out twitter more if you think there’s no hate and only apathy lol. That ‘hive of scum and villainy’ lol

        • Well, no, Twitter is not where I look to find out what real human beings think about anything 😛

    • “like parts 1 and 2”
      With a grapplehook? with sprint? with throwable fusion containers? with useable/throwable ‘power ups’?
      From what i saw it looks just as different from the classics as halo 5 did, but for me seemingly less fun looking.

      Literally nothing about it looked like an improvement, there was nothing in the reveal that was exciting or interesting (gameplay or design wise).

      • I spent hundreds and hundreds of hours as a young’un with OT Halo, so who knows, it still might suck or it may be great. We’ll see. It’s your opinion that “literally nothing” looks improved and I really don’t agree with you, but I also don’t have to fall into the trap of justifying myself on here to you 🙂 have a good one!

          • Absolutely, I really need to see how MP feels in it. It gave me a good feeling of returning to 1&2’s ‘aesthetic’, so if it can return to 2’s ‘mp’ aesthetic as well, I’m down.

  • A bit underwhelming. Too many talking heads. Definitely no reason to upgrade to a Series X. Game Pass continues to be incredible value and the main reason to be on the platform.

  • I actually thought that was decent showcase, not mind blowing but some really really good looking and promising games ahead. Also game pass is rediculously good.

    I swear no matter what xbox do they are criticised. The fact that some people have and issue with how halo infinite looks is proof.

    The ps5 showcase gave almost zero details on release dates, what is and isn’t exclusive and re hased so so many franchisees. Some looked amazing but others looked very average. Even those average games are hyped as AAA exclusives. It boggles my mind

  • I think I echo a lot of the comments I’ve seen online. This showcase was supposed to be the big event that made you realise YES, I need an xbox series X.. It didn’t do that in the slightest.

    I am not a Halo fan, I enjoy it, but it’s not something I have to play (haven’t even touched Halo 5 despite it sitting in my Game Pass library) so without Halo, they showed nothing to say I need a Series X at launch.

    The launch part is important, because now I am thinking, I’ll just get a PS5 as I can continue to play my Xbox One for the next year or so. There will be others with the same ideology except once you have the PS5 is can start to become the primary by defacto (especially if friends get it also).

  • As per every show, there are things that tickle my interest and some that don’t. I was personally disappointed overall only because I was hoping for more gameplay footage of games. I did enjoy the halo gameplay demo and am excited about that.

    In the article, the people they documented complaining about the graphics fidelity etc, I’d be interested to know what quality stream they were watching. I was going to just watch on my 1080p TV but then realised that if I wanted to get the full impact that I should watch the 4k60 stream. I’m glad I chose that option and was impressed by what I saw. Knowing that YouTube compresses that video I’m assuming it’ll look even better when playing directly on the Series X.

  • I’ll go all out and say that was pretty sh*t. Aside from the Remedy shooter most of the other big games felt like the same MS stuff we were seeing in 2006.

    If you took off a glaze of 4K paint you’ve got Halo, Forza (coming TBC?), Fable (coming TBC?), a Rare game that’s not Kameo and a bunch of games from unproven or unreliable studios… it’d feel like the 360 era except the bummer of no Perfect Dark announcement and the fact that Rate aren’t 1/3rd as exciting as they used to be.

    My biggest take was a lack of clarity around when and how things were launching, as well as that Gamepass is going to continue to be awesome value.

  • I thought it was okay. They’ve certainly done worse in the past!
    Having said that, barely any of the games shown made me want to play them.
    The new Rareware “nature” game looks great, I’m keen to see where that goes.
    But I have no intentions to buy an XSX.

  • I guess I was just expecting to be floored by “the most powerful next gen console” and what it had to show and I just wasnt. Nothing they showed looked technically as impressive as Horizon or Ratchet and Clank. And as someone with a fairly decent pc I was hoping to be sold on the Series X, and I’m not. Love gamepass and that all the games are basically coming to pc as well but that’s part of their problem. At least the PS5 has shown games that I really want to play and the only possible way of doing that is to get a PS5. So at least at launch its a PS5. Series X maybe much later when cheaper.

  • I will wear my Bias on my sleeve and call out that i love my Xbox, i own both an Xbox one and a PS4 and when given the choice i will play a game on the Xbox, but i wish someone at Xbox Game Studios would just point at Sony for a second and just tell one studio to do something adjacent to what Sony are making for their exclusives as the Xbox tentpoles are starting buckle under the pressure of holding the brand up.

  • The lack of actual gameplay in a bunch of these is definitely disappointing, but the trailers are getting me hype for several of those new projects.

    The [email protected] montage was too quick! It did leave me wanting to see more of several intriguing titles, though.

    Last Stop detailed its list of characters and scenarios and they’re so wild and varied that it’s hard to believe they’ll fit into the one game. That aspect alone feels like it’ll make the game something special… or something clumsy and disjointed. Broken Age appeared to have a hard enough time with two protagonists, will three be better or worse?

    Tunic is frickin’ gorgeous and anyone who wants to sell me ‘near-papercraft Zelda where Link is a fox’ automatically has my attention.

    Lake is just oozing personality and the simple switch to 3rd person has me more invested in the protagonist than most other walking simulators in a way that’s surprised me.

    Sable’s colouring-book aesthetic is something I want to live in, even though I can’t really tell if this is a kind of Rime or something deeper. Need to see more of this one.

    Exo One is pretty… SUPER pretty. I haven’t seen a game of this style to de-throne Skyroads since possibly Audiosurf, but maybe this will be the one!

    Falconeer continues getting me thinking about modern de-throning of ancient classics, making me wonder if we might be seeing a spiritual successor to the inexplicably neglected Panzer Dragoon series.

    12 minutes looks like a fascinating puzzle game/story, but I’m suspecting this will be something to be better watched on edited longplay videos that cut down on the frustration of the ‘error’ part of trial-and-error gameplay. Outer Wilds gave me much the same feeling.

    The Ascent has some much flashier trailers available, and I’ve been following this a little while. It has me confused about the industry/marketing interpretations on the difference between Diablo-style ARPG and HellDivers twin-stick shooters, but I’m keen to see more – especially if they lean harder into the Cyberpunk themes of their trailers. (This same confusion applies to Unexplored 2 also shown in the clip-reel, which feels more twin-sticky than RPGish.)

    The Big Con looks like a no-brainer. First title from Mighty Yell, it’s really hard to pin down all the influences I feel like they’re drawing from, but it’s no surprise some of their devs worked on Jazzpunk and Runbow. I’m getting almost a Card City Nights vibe from the art and themes. This should be great.

    There was more of interest in that few minutes clip than the half-hour combined marquee titles, though.

    I would be significantly more excited about Avowed taking Skyrim’s place for deep (or broad?) 1st person fantasy adventuring if Outer Worlds hadn’t been such a mechanically-shallow, brief, cartoonishly-written disappointment, when it was being hyped as a return to what made Fallout great. But y’know, hope springs eternal… I’m still hype’ish.

    Everwild is something I am VERY much interested in. I’m not sure if the number of characters there was a hint that it’s going to be an online co-op-focused thing, which isn’t my jam, or an AI squad as useful as Republic Commando’s, or just an opportunity to show off a diversity rainbow, but the designs are great, the themes on display are intriguing, and if there’s a way for them to provide depth and longevity to an exploration/healing co-op game in the age of launch-complete crowd-sourced wiki guides, then I’m curious and optimistic.

    Echo Generation is giving me ‘Stranger Things meets Costume Quest’ vibes, and if they’ve designed the game to show off those gorgeous cinematic views throughout the entire exploration of the environment, then I am 100% on board. The turn-based tactics element is one of my favoured mechanics, too, so that was pleasing to see.

    I watched the Exomecha trailer before I saw the description of it, so I hoped against hope that there might be something more to it than a multiplayer slugfest, but that hope is nearly entirely vanished. If there’s a campaign, co-op or otherwise, I reckon I’d be… cautiously on board. Section 8 is the last time I can recall anyone doing something similar with a MP-focus but some actual dev time dedicated to a campaign, and it… didn’t really work that well.

    • I wasn’t expecting more but I was hoping for it. I love Fable so much but I need something with more substance before I let myself get hyped. Every Fable game has had so much potential, even Legends and Journey, but even Anniversary found a way to burn us.

  • At the end of the day it’s pretty simple.

    If something like Avowed was Xbox only, then I’d have no choice but to grab one.

    But all the games I want to play will be on PC anyway. So I’ll get a PS5 for home use.

  • It was clear from this showcase that Microsoft doesn’t care if it sells you an Xbox Series X or not.. what’s also clear is they want you to subscribe to their Game Pass service.

    This is a very smart move that caters very well to a larger audience of gamers.

    The cost to make and distribute consoles is often done at a loss (especially in a Pandemic). There’s no cost to get you subscribed to Game Pass.

    I like the fact that I can access everything I just saw for a small monthly fee without the need to buy a series X.

    I have more choice, i’m not forced to upgrade, why is that such a bad thing?
    Just keep subscribed to Game Pass and reap the benefits of all of these announcements.

    I love Playstation exclusives (and will be getting a PS5), but Game Pass is really keeping me invested in Xbox, to the point where I wish Playstation offered a similar service.

    • You seem to be one of the few that actually “gets it”! People keep assessing Microsoft on the old console wars viewpoint. They are now using a completely different strategy like that they first used with their business products and Office 365 (now Microsoft 365) where they are slowly but surely killing many large competitors while they sleep. They want their services to be available to billions on subscription who do not have to have the latest console to participate. They are not forcing you to upgrade. They want you to subscribe and play even on mobile devices. If you have the latest console then great you will get some additional benefits but consoles do not really matter anymore. Just ask the PC gamers!

      Everyone always compares PlayStation with the Xbox as that is all the console players can see, when it’s really Sony (PS) V’s Microsoft (Xbox, PC, and mobile). On subscription I can tell you who would be massively in front. Even the consumer wins. You only have to buy 2-3 AAA titles a year to be in front. Even the developers will win as their audience will go from 100 million to 500million. It’s all about scale and low cost of entry.

      • 10 million current game pass subscribers… That’s waaay over 100 million turnover a month. I think they know how to make money

  • Damn, looks like the 360 will still continue to be the main Microsoft console in my gaming room setup.

  • See the problem is by the looks of it they’ve stretched themselves thin for compatibility sacrificing quality, just make new gen games for the new gen hardware (series X/PC) then downscale for Xbox one if need be least for the first wave of next gen titles n have a cut off point, whole point is to entice ppl to upgrade to next gen, but allowing them to still play the games= more sales but they gone Nintendo, Sony n ms will never be Nintendo stop trying. So if games look like current gen there’s no point. Also I was hoping for a darker grittier halo like halo 1 felt realistic had creepy esc horror elements at times makes sense on an alien construct all alone. Not superhalo infinite sunshine I want to feel scared of the covanent/enemies of halo again. Started with halo 3, reach took it back alittle then h4/5 back to plastic safety bright haloniteoverwatch.

  • Halo just looks ordinary, its combat still looks extremely dated, likewise combat. I dont know what i was expecting, but a boring planet design, seemingly the same enemies, the same weapons. I dont know, I am not the hugest Halo fan but nothing about this screamed NEXT GEN. Maybe because I play a lot of Destiny and a lot of Borderlands, for their sins, they feel and look dynamic to play. This just looked like a HD skin for an older game.

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