The Next Yakuza Is Coming In November, But The PS5 Has To Wait

Screenshot: Sega
Screenshot: Sega

Yakuza: Like a Dragon, the next game in the long-running crime/bike-throwing series and the first of the post-Kiryu era, has been out in Japan since January. We finally got a Western release date today though, with the game due on most systems in November.

That’s Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and best of all PC (previous PC releases have been massively delayed), along with the Xbox Series X and PS5. But only Microsoft’s next-gen version will be out alongside the console’s launch, with IGN announcing that the PS5 version will be releasing “at a later date”.

Alongside the standard Japanese audio, Like a Dragon will also have an English dub that’ll feature George Takei.


  • given that long time fans will have been playing on PlayStation it seems SUPER weird to delay ps5 version. guess I’ll grab it for PC

    • Japanese audio is still included, but the thought of an english dub brings back memories of the terrible dub on the original Yakuza’s PS2 release.

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