The Power Rangers Comics Are Relaunching With a Mysterious New Green Ranger

The Power Rangers Comics Are Relaunching With a Mysterious New Green Ranger

Boom Studio’s radically expanded take on the life and times of the original ” and arguably most beloved ” ranger team. But later this year, everything’s going to change for our Mighty Morphin’ heroes… while their foes are surprisingly familiar.

Boom Studios has announced that its current Power Rangers main series will see a relaunch later this year, with two new ongoing concurrent titles kicking off an era that will be called “Unlimited Power.” Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers is no more: say hello to, err, Mighty Morphin’ and Power Rangers.

Yes, really. Ryan Parrot, current writer of the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers comic, will pen both new series, with artists Marco Renna and Francesco Mortarino on Mighty Morphin’ and Power Rangers, respectively. Mighty Morphin‘ will follow an “all-new” team of Rangers taking on the MMPR mantles ” although the big focus is on the fact that there’s a brand new Green Ranger fighting alongside the post-season two updated team of Tommy, Kimberly, Billy, Aisha, Rocky, and Adam, so maybe not exactly all-new. Whoever they are, and whoever the new Green Ranger is, there’ll be plenty of trouble ahead. Faced with the return of a resurgent Lord Zedd, more powerful than ever, the Mighty Morphin’ team will have to confront shocking secrets about Zordon’s past, as well a secret Zedd’s keeping that will rock the team forever.

Well, until they eventually let other superheroes in Spandex take over. Eventually.

Meanwhile, over in Power Rangers ” revealed first by Comic Book Resources today ” we’ll be following up on one of the comic’s coolest additions to the Power Rangers lore. In the original Mighty Morphin‘ show, Red, Yellow, and Black Rangers Jason, Trini, and Zack left the team to participate in a world peace conference that just… apparently never ended (in actuality, actors Austin St. John, Thuy Trang, and Walter Jones quit the series due to contract disputes and poor working conditions). In the comics, the peace conference was merely a cover; the trio left the team to secretly become a brand new intergalactic group of Power Rangers, the Omega Rangers, tasked with safeguarding the grid and the universe at large from afar as direct agents of the mysterious Morphin’ Masters.

The Power Rangers Comics Are Relaunching With a Mysterious New Green RangerThe Omega Rangers must seek out a past rival to face a new threat. (Image: Matteo Scalera)

In the new Power Rangers series that follows the Omega Rangers, they’re still doing that, but their latest and greatest threat requires them to chase after a new addition to the team, going rogue against Zordon’s wishes to recruit them. That new teammate? It’s none other than Lord Drakkon, the other coolest addition to the Power Rangers lore in the comics: the alt-universe evil Tommy Oliver who, instead of joining the Rangers to break free of Rita’s control, willingly worked alongside her to rule the Earth and eventually become a tyrant of his own empire ” even threatening to destroy the entire Power Rangers continuity as we know it in the excellent 25th Anniversary crossover event, Shattered Grid. So that he now has to become a seeming ally to the Omega Rangers hints that whatever they’re up against must be pretty huge.

All of this is wild. But it’s a testament to just what the Power Rangers comics have done with the franchise’s vast, Spandex-coated canon ” both bringing it into a contemporary setting while twisting and adding to the series’ established stories and relationships in increasingly fascinating ways ” that the thought of more Green Rangers, good and evil, than you can shake a flute-dagger at, is still incredibly exciting. We’ll have to see what’s in store for our morphinominal heroes when Mighty Morphin’ and Power Rangers‘ first issues both launch in November.