The Xbox One X Is Being Discontinued

The Xbox One X Is Being Discontinued
Image: Kotaku Australia

Head to Microsoft’s Xbox consoles page, and you’ll see just two offerings — and neither of them are the Xbox One X. As it turns out, that’s because the current most powerful console in the world is about to have a very short shelf life.

Update 17/07: Microsoft’s local team issued a statement earlier this morning:

“At Xbox, we’re making massive investments to forge the future of gaming—a future that puts the player at the center of the Xbox experience. We continue to build great games for Xbox One. We continue to build out Game Pass, now with more than 10 million members across Xbox console and PC. We’re previewing Project xCloud in 15 countries so gamers can play games with their friends on any device. And we’re working hard on the next-generation of console gaming with Xbox Series X—the fastest, most powerful console we’ve ever built which includes backward compatibility with thousands of Xbox games and all Xbox One accessories.

As we ramp into the future with Xbox Series X, we’re taking the natural step of stopping production on Xbox One X and Xbox One S All-Digital Edition. Xbox One S will continue to be manufactured and sold globally. Gamers can check with their local retailers for more details on Xbox One hardware availability.”

First launching in 2017, the Xbox One X pitched itself as the powerhouse console that gamers originally wanted from the original Xbox. But less than three years after its release, retailers are already pulling the console from sale. Press Start confirmed with two Australian retailers who have pulled the Xbox One X from their database. The “Shop All” link on the Microsoft consoles page also lists only the Xbox Series X and a Roblox bundle for the Xbox One S.

It’s likely going forward that the only consoles listed will be the Xbox One S, Xbox Series X, and whatever the lower-end, digital-only edition of the next-gen Xbox is called.


xbox one x
Image: Microsoft
xbox one x

Listings for the Xbox One X are still appearing on Amazon at the time of writing, although other listings note that the console is “Discontinued” and out of stock. A search on Google shows that the only Xbox One X available is a refurbished model from a foreign retailer, with listings appearing instead for the Xbox One S. Neither of these confirm that the console is being discontinued by Microsoft per se, but coupled with Press Start’s reporting, it shows that local retailers will not be selling the console — which, as far as consumers are concerned, amounts to the same thing.

Microsoft had not issued a statement at the time of writing. Kotaku Australia has emailed for a comment, and I’ll update this post once a response is available.


    • If you don’t play video games then why didn’t you just get an actual media player or media PC? From what I’ve heard it does work great pulling double duty as a media player though and is more accessible than a traditional media player, maybe that’s the smart choice.

  • I guess it makes sense – it was the most expensive console on the market. Presumably the leap in power to series X will end up being more than worth whatever the price difference would have been, thus rendering the One X redundant, especially with backwards compatibility.

  • Considering the games are all forwards compatible makes sense not to make two units which are the ‘best in class’ when they can just have a premium and an entry one,

  • I’m guessing the history of Wii U confusion is at play a bit here too, smart to remove the old console with the similar name – although it would have been smarter to just think of a better name than Xbox Series X…

  • I have been trying in vain to find a new xbone controller and stock is all but non-existent at the moment, not to mention those controlled haven’t seen a discount in 2 years (unlike PS4 controllers which are constantly going cheap)

  • I imagine Microsoft had planned this early in the year, pre-COVID, but IMHO they should have announced the lower end ‘Xbox Series S’ before they ripped these guys off shelves. Surely they’re not just going to have the Xbox One S as the only console available for months until the newer ones are online?

    • Yeah, it’s nearly 4 months probably until the new release, seems a long time with no fast console available.

      • tbh most people that were going to by an xbox one generation console will have done so by now. there isnt going to be a huge demand for the old tech in the months leading up to the release of the new.

  • After years of owning a PS4 Pro, I finally took the plunge on an X last year. It’s been a fantastic way to play old games (Lost Odyssey, Panzer Dragoon Orta), a great way to play some backlog (Nier Automata 4K native) and a very capable 4K Bluray player. I finished Nier Automata 3 times and only charged my Elite Series 2 controller once. Great system that was probably a bit underutilized by their maker.

  • That was too many X’s, boxes, ones and series crammed into a single sentence. Reading it gave me a visit from motion sickness’ cousin.

  • This is the first Xbox generation that I missed. I’d considered getting an X after game pass launched, but the game pass for PC has made the Xbox less attractive. I guess I’ll wait and see what price the new one comes in at, probably on November 17th.

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