Ubisoft’s Next-Gen Games Will Remain $US60 (For Now)

Ubisoft’s Next-Gen Games Will Remain $US60 (For Now)
Illustration: Ubisoft

While 2K has come out and said its next-gen games will cost $US10 ($14) more than the current standard (at $US70 vs $US60, Ubisoft announced today that, for the time being at least, its PS5 and Xbox Series X games will remain at $US60.

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During an earnings call earlier today, Ubisoft boss Yves Guillemot said for the company’s three next-gen games due this holiday season “we plan to come with the same price as the previous generation of consoles.”

Pressed on the matter later, however, it was clarified that “As we said earlier, for the $US60 price we are really concentrating on the Christmas releases and we have decided that those games will be launched at $US60″.

That is a very not subtle way to tell you that while these games are $US60, expect $US70 next-gen games from 2021.

The three holiday 2020 games would be Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Watch Dogs Legion and Gods & Monsters.


  • I recall talk of games going up just before the GameCube released. They are actually cheaper now than when I first starting buying games for the N64, that’s for sure.

    I guess more people buy games these days so they’ve been able to beat inflation to a degree.

  • But Ubisoft games haven’t been $60 USD for a very long time.

    Take the latest Assassins Creed for example, you grab the Season Pass so you actually have the full game, another $10 to buy the XP DLC so the rate of progression isn’t infuriating, which means you are up around $100 sans sale.

    • So I’m going to defend Ubisoft regarding Odyssey here…

      The base game had a ridiculous amount of content in it, including a solid main campaign. If you don’t think there was enough in that game for the base price, then I simply cannot fathom how you would ever consider any game to be ‘enough’. Man I thought I was greedy for preferring games that give me a good 20+ hours of gameplay at full price tag.

      The season pass adds quite a lot in its own right, implying that it was cut from the main game by saying you required it to ‘have the full game’ is just greedy. Personally I’d say it’s one of the best value season passes I’ve seen in years.

      And the XP booster? The doom and gloom around that has been bullshit from day 1. Playing without the boost if you don’t hit max level a good bit before the main story is over then I’d be curious if you’ve been actually trying not to level.

      Of the games you could pick to argue against in this manner, Odyssey just might be the absolute worst one to have gone with.

      • Seriously, the base game alone is bloody massive. I remember during a free weekend trial for Odyssey that I would just knock out the main campaign in that time so I don’t have to buy it. Boy was I wrong, and I ended up buying it at the end of the free trial because I was loving it so much. Such a great game.

    • Imo,

      Odyssey is worth the $100 in total. You get a shit ton of content that enjoyable (At least I found it enjoyable)

      Plus the season pass gets you the AC3 Remaster.

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