Update Your GPU Drivers For Death Stranding For God’s Sake

death stranding drivers
Screenshot: Kojima Productions / Chris Person

The PC version of Death Stranding is out, and as our own Mike Fahey reported, it runs like a dream. This is true, provided you’re not a dumbass like me and forget to install the latest Game Ready Drivers for your Nvidia card. I didn’t do that, and the above video shows the freakish results.

There’s no need to panic. Installing the new Game Ready Drivers made my 2080 Ti run the game beautifully. DLSS 2.0 feels like weird magic and I experienced no geometry glitches once I got up and running. But as someone who spends a significant amount of time documenting games breaking, this old-driver snafu feels like something deeply important to document.

Anyway, please enjoy this freak ZZ Top-lookin’ Norman Reedus.

Screenshot: Kojima Productions / Chris Person
Screenshot: Kojima Productions / Chris Person


  • news just in. new game requires recent driver update. youre really scraping the bottom of the barrel arent you? well, not quite. ill wait for the article telling me the latest nvidia driver assaulted someone and should be cancelled.

  • When updates like this come out, do they actually represent bugs in the drivers or are the GPU manufacturers patching over bugs in the games?

    • They don’t require them per se, but there are scenarios where it’s genuinely necessary. DLSS is one of those, because each game has to be trained through machine learning — and so changes have to be made at a driver level for GPUs so that users can access the benefits of that. It’s like a small patch (although all drivers are about 500MB+, but similar idea.)

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