Video Game Fashion, As Reviewed By People Who Know Fashion

Video Game Fashion, As Reviewed By People Who Know Fashion

Fashion and video games have come a long way over the last decade. Remember the days when Final Fantasy‘s Louis Vuitton ad was out of the blue? These days, Louis Vuitton has their own League skins.

So to bring back a blast from the past, I’ve rounded up some of the fine people from Pedestrian Group who are known — either professionally or around the office — for being a dab dresser.

Today, we’re joined by: POPSUGAR’s Bree Grant,’s resident columnist and occasional ScribbleTaku contributor Vanna O’Brien, and Pedestrian Group’s Georgia Turner. As before, all the video game fashion outfits receive a rating out of 10.

Fragile from Death Stranding

Georgia: This chick looks like one of the Bond girls. Is she? I’m a fan of combat boots, leather pants and leather jackets. But all together? Personally a bit much.

Feel like there would some serious chaffing and she wouldn’t be that stealth – and it seems like that’s part of her MO. I give this a 5/10 for functionality, overall 7/10 because I think she’s one of the Bond girls.

Bree: Dude, this chick looks badass. I’m digging the combat style boots (I’m actually hunting for the perfect pair myself atm). I’m also into the leather biker jacket. 9/10.

Vanna: I am an absolute sucker for pants with a side stripe, so right off the bat- I’m a fan of the fit. Jacket is a bit too “I ride a motorcycle” for me to pull off but looks hot AF on her. When her jacket said “Fragile Express” I really felt that – an iso mood for sure. 8/10.

Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Final Heaven | Cloud & Tifa

Bree: She looks pretty baller and the boots are sick… and if she can kick ass in a mini skirt, power to her. 5/10 (loss of points for outfit practicality).

Vanna: I have this exact outfit and I use it to slide into the DM’s of rappers who like anime, always get a response. Not a great fan of the shoes but she is a video game character and she can’t be kicking ass in fluffy slippers so she gets a pass on that.

I love whatever is going on with her gloves, very Beyonce in the Single Ladies video. 8/10

Georgia: How. Does. Ones. Ass. Cheeks. Not. Show. Seriously, unless she’s as flat as a pancake, I don’t uNdErStAnD.

I like her knee highs, real goes with her ski boots. I think Uggs does a pair like that. All terrain. I’m gonna give her a 3/10, because baby it’s cold outside. 8/10 because she’s got washboard abs. 2/10 for practicality.

Isabelle from Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Georgia: If the camp coordinator from Parent Trap was an animal from Animal Crossing, this would be she. Very safe, shows off the leg. I personally think that this outfit could have been jazzed up with a belt. When in doubt, high waist and belt it.

Axe the shows and give her some boots. 10/10 because she looks so happy and confident.

Bree: HAHAHA the Hawaiian shirt, that’s it. That’s the fashion moment.

She does look like the kinda lady you’d see behind the counter at a Holiday’s caravan park. 4/10.

Vanna: This is all wrong. Nurse, but not sexy nurse. More like a 50+ year old nurse who is surprisingly patient through my pre-needle panic attack.

I appreciate the kind of people who wear this outfit but it’s not going to turn any heads. 2/10

Masaru Watase from Yakuza: Like A Dragon


Bree: I’m not into this at ALL. No one should wear a light grey and white pin stripe suit.

The white shoes are also fucking awful. 0/10.

Vanna:  I would look so cute in this shit but it’s terrifying on him. On him this outfit says “I have cocaine in my Porsche and I’m paying you to have some whether you like it or not”.

Running for the hills. Fits him well though and colour coordination is as well thought out as the Kardashians Christmas trees. 6/10.

Georgia: This is great! I love a monochromatic look. It’s very in. This guy seems down with the times.

I’m not massively into the double breasted jacket, but for the purpose of completing the three piece ensemble, he has done good. 8/10 for BDE.

Edelgard from Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Georgia: Ew, the leggings with shorts is a no. The kitten-ish heels, no. The frills are a no. I’m getting matador vibes.

6/10 — only because it reminds me of Dolce & Gabbana a bit!

Vanna: This chick has had every chance to be hot and boring but she’s really taken a risk on this fit and I appreciate the experimentation. Unfortunately it has not paid off. Has a bit of a medieval dunce vibe. Shoes are the seventh gate of hell.

I really hate them, wayyy to Karen for such a young thang. 3/10.

Bree: OMG WHAT A VIBE! This is like Sailor Moon meets One Piece and I love it. I would 100 percent wear this ’fit if I was a video game character. 10/10.

Viper from VALORANT 

Bree: Is this grown up Shego? And where did she get her thigh-high boots? I’mma need those. 9/10

Vanna: Hot, nutting at my desk. I just wrote “you couldn’t really wear this to Kmart” but I changed my mind, it’s 2020 and there are no fashion rules anymore.

I hope she doesn’t get knocked over by that slime heading her way. 10/10.

Georgia: It looks like she did a stinky fart. Look with a physique like that, she could wear a paper bag and look great. The mask is very appropriate. 10/10 ready to kick COVID’s arse.

Alyx Vance from Half-Life: Alyx

(Note: I know you don’t actually see Alyx for most of Valve’s VR game, but you do get a full look of her dystopian outfit in some of the excellent concept art.)

Georgia: This is cool, this person looks put together and like they are prepared for a Zombie outbreak. 10/10 for rule number 1 – always be ready.

Vanna: Timberlands: Check, Low rise jeans: check, (and fuego baby), Hoodie: Check. Yes this outfit is a bit yawn overall but she looks like she is doing incognito tings, in which case this outfit is perfect.

This outfit makes me want to change my name and become a bounty hunter. 7/10.

Bree: While it’s not the most fashionable choice, I like that it’s a realistic one. Gives me female Ryan Atwood vibes. 5/10.

V from Devil May Cry: 5

Vanna: Town Hall steps 2006. 4/10.

Georgia: Well, I’m a sucker for tattoos, but these are a little too on show for me. The tie-up front seems like it would be a pain to fiddle with every time you put it on. The leather bracelets are a bit NSYNC for me. 4/10, homeboy needs a stylist.

Bree: Dude looks like he’s about to sprout fangs? Am I right? After watching High Fidelity I’m into long leather jackets so this guy is somewhat on trend. I’m weirdly ok with this outfit. 8/10.

Hornet from Hollow Knight

Bree: This look gives me ‘revenge of the mice’ from Cinderella vibes. I’m kinda into it, scared of it but into it. 7/10.

Vanna: Chic as could be. This is Met Gala. This is Rihanna at the 2015 Grammy awards. It falls perfectly, fun use of colour. Needle gives it real edge. Brava! 10/10.

Georgia: What are you?

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