What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Among Trees (Screenshot: FJRD Interactive)
Among Trees (Screenshot: FJRD Interactive)

The weekend is for having bought a bunch of frozen fish, which means I get to have some fish this weekend, which I haven’t had since the pandemic began so I’m really excited about it! It’s also for playing video games while I air the cooking fish stink out of my apartment.

I still haven’t checked out Among Trees, which looks like it will scratch all my survival game itches. I tend to play a ton of a survival game when it’s in early access and then burn myself out on it before it’s done, so I’ve been trying to wait on this one, but after weeks and weeks of being cooped up inside I could really use some nature, even if it’s only virtual.

What about you? What are you playing?


  • Ive recently gotten a new tv, so ive had an excuse to upgrade to a newer xbox. I wanted to buy an X but it seems all of Australia is sold out so i settled for an S so i could get some of that sweet 4k HDR. So now im playing ORi and the Will of the Wisps. and its just as gorgeous as i hoped it would be and my save file just automatically transfers over seamlessly. So i was planning to get a PS5 and get the xbox one X but judging by how well my PC and Xbox go together so well i think ill go with the Series X when it launches. I just dont know what game i might play next after Ori cause i played like 2 days of it and i feel like its almost done! Lemme know what to get next!

  • I bought and finished Superliminal. It was fun and had some neat ideas, though it felt more like a proof of concept rather than a game. Borrowing heavily from The Stanley Parable and Portal 2 didn’t help it feel more unique. It was pretty easy though, I only got stuck on two puzzles for any longer than a few minutes, but the individual pay off many of the puzzles was rewarding. Worth a play, but I’d recommend waiting for a sale.

    • “Individual pay off for some* of the puzzles”. I tried reframing/rewriting two sentences into one and left the wrong word in.

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