What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?
Image: Alex Walker (Kotaku)
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The weekend is often a time for reflection and contemplation, which I’ll undoubtedly be doing a lot.

Most of my weekend is going to be dominated with family loss, as we’re having a funeral for the passing of a loved one on my partner’s side. There’s no neat way to dress that up. It’s an incredibly sad occasion, and it’s a bizarre, unusual experience to go through at a time where large gatherings have their own sets of anxieties and fears of their own.

Some people can’t make it because of border closures, so they’ll have to watch through some kind of livestream. I don’t know who’s organising that. I can’t imagine that’ll be any fun making that work at a time like this.

Gaming becomes pretty irrelevant at a time like that, so anything I do will probably just be a bit of time-killing before falling asleep, sitting in a car, or something like that. I’ve been whittling away at Slay the Spire on iPhone, which isn’t a bad port of the game. Chugs a bit, and the iPhone interface occasionally makes it a bit awkward when you’re swiping a card from the middle of your hand, only to launch back to the home screen.

Still an incredible game, though. TFT on mobile has been good fun as well. Ranked games can take a surprisingly long time to pop sometimes — I’ve had queue times of around five minutes when sitting on the train.

What are you playing or doing this weekend?


  • I’m pretty deep into Days Gone. Despite some expected open world jank, I’m having a fun time with it. Running into a horde randomly while scavenging for scraps is equal parts terrifying & exhilarating. Character models are impressively detailed and the weather system is beautifully animated (especially snowy weather). Even the generic plot has me captivated thanks to some solid character development & voice acting. So far it’s hugely underrated imo.

    • I know what you mean.
      I brought a month or two ago and I love it

      I just wish there was a bit more random horde size.
      like a massive horde in the first area or smaller and more hordes in the final area.

      what I really like is the feeling of the progression.
      Hunted -> Hunter -> Destroyer of Worlds -> OMG Run away from the Sawmill

  • Fallout 4 Mod Testing (my released mod)
    The Last of Us Part 2
    Anno 1800 (should get back into this game)
    the DLC from Control

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