What’s The Best Reese’s Cup Shape?

Photo: The Hershey Company
Photo: The Hershey Company

This week we review GTA Online, watch a parrot attack, check out Horizon: Zero Dawn running on a PC, remember Amazon’s failed game, and debate the best Reese’s Cup shape.

Great Kotaku Content From The Past Week

Amazon’s Crucible Flopped So Hard It’s Being Un-Released

In this era of constant updates, games leave closed beta on a regular basis. They don’t often re-enter it. However, like a groundhog emerging to un-see its own shadow, Amazon’s team-based shooter Crucible is no longer a fully released video game.

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On the one hand, this is embarrassing. On the other hand, a bunch of people just remembered this game existed for a few minutes.

Grand Theft Auto Online: The Kotaku Review

Rockstar never meant to support GTA Online for nearly a decade and counting. That was never the plan. Yet GTA Online continues to be updated, and oddly, now in 2020, it’s bigger than ever.

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I finally reviewed GTA Online. After 7 years and over 600 hours, I felt like it was time.

I Have Mixed Feelings About The Last Of Us Part 2’s Trans Character

Whether or not you like The Last of Us Part 2, there’s no denying it’s a diverse game. People of different genders, sexualities, and races exist in its world, and there’s a perverse equality in the way none of them are exempt from suffering. The game’s only trans character, a...

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Even if I never play Last of Us Part 2, I’m enjoying all the writing from different folks about this big game and its characters and story.


“Blue lives ma-” *Slapped again.*

Back in the 80s, you could do almost anything you wanted on TV because there were like 7 channels and everything had low budgets. It was a glorious time.

The best shape is the pumpkin. You get a bunch of peanut butter and Halloween is the best holiday.


Trailers & Videos From The Past Week

I…didn’t really like this game that much.

I keep wanting to give Fallout 76 another chance, but the last time I played it I was bored out of my mind and it ran like crap. MAYBE next time will be better…

I’ve been thinking about replaying this game and now I might do so on PC. I want to ride robot horses in 60fps.

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