When Nintendo Struggles To Manage Expectations

Image: Nintendo
Image: Nintendo

Earlier this evening, while promoting an upcoming gameplay session for the new Paper Mario on Treehouse Live, Nintendo dropped a teaser for “a first reveal and gameplay for a title in a franchise new to developer WayForward”. And people lost their God damn minds.

WayForward have a loooong history of making platformers across all kinds of platforms, so people’s imaginations started running wild! Why, if Nintendo was hyping this on a completely unrelated gameplay stream, surely it was big news!

Maybe, many figured, it was Metroid! Or…you know, something else cool and interesting, since there are loads of other Nintendo franchises that have lain dormant for too long. Like Wario Ware? Kid Icarus? Balloon Fight?

Nah. Realising that things were getting quickly out of hand — remember, this is just a Treehouse Live video, not a full-blown Nintendo Direct, and these are Nintendo fans we’re talking about — the company had to send out a follow-up to pump everyone’s breaks.

$US10 ($14) it’s Shantae. That or they sold F-Zero to Microsoft.


  • There’s been recent news of a River City Girls standalone content announcement so given how new that is for WayForward I’m guessing it’s probably that.

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