Why These Aussies Fell In Love With Gaming

Why These Aussies Fell In Love With Gaming
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It doesn’t matter if you’ve touched a controller in the past week or the past decade, everyone has a story about falling in love with gaming.

As a young Aussie, being introduced to the world of games – whether it was through an ancient Atari, temperamental PlayStation 1, the equally temperamental Xbox or a painfully slow early-2000’s PC – was a wild journey that felt completely unique.

That is, until you talk to other Australians who share eerily similar stories to your own. We spoke to the runner-ups of Telstra’s hunt for the next video game reviewer to revisit the experiences that sparked their ongoing love for gaming.

After a painstaking search, photographer and video editor Joshua Appadoo was chosen as the recipient of the $25,000 prize which will see him review new games over the course of the next few months (you can watch his latest review here).
While Joel, Emma, Nina, and Dhayana might have missed out on the reviewing gig, it still clearly hasn’t affected their passion for the craft.

Give the video a watch and prepare to be transported back to your parents’ family room at the exact moment you saw the OG Harry Potter games flash across the screen. There’s also a shoutout to the Nintendo GameCube which is a complete blast from the past, plus Dhayana tells a Fortnite anecdote about simply giving up which is far too applicable to everyday life.

For his first role as Telstra’s newly-appointed game reviewer, Appadoo shared his thoughts on Minecraft: Dungeons, the dungeon-crawling Minecraft spinoff released on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One at the end of May.

Now, excuse us while we fire up Crash Bandicoot and actually try to clock it this time – that game was impossible.

Thanks for the painful reminder of our inferior gaming abilities, Emma.

If you want to read up on Appadoo’s stance on the future of gaming, you can also read the full interview here.


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