Xbox Is Bringing Back Fable

Xbox Is Bringing Back Fable
Screenshot: Xbox

Fable is back. The next instalment of the irreverent roleplaying series is being spearheaded by Forza developer Playground Games and will be on Xbox Series X and PC.


  • Hopefully it’s a proper Fable and not something like that Kinect caravan driving game or that multiplayer dungeon crawler.

  • Well lets hope they make a decent game this time, I’ve owned all Fable games from launch on Xbox 360, and while they were decent games to a point they got very ‘meh’ after a while. Let’s hope they do an open world game with a decent RPG mechanic.

  • It’s so good to have playground games finally admit to this.

    It’s feels like years since it was a “known” thing.

    I can’t wait.

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