Xbox Summer Fest Will Debut Over 60 Demos You Can Try At Home

Xbox Summer Fest Will Debut Over 60 Demos You Can Try At Home
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With in-person gaming events out of the question this year, Xbox is turning to a digital alternative to show off some upcoming Xbox One games. Starting on July 22, the Summer Games Fest Demo Event will allow players to check out early builds for a ton of games from their couches rather than a crowded convention centre.

According to Xbox’s announcement, this online showcase will included 75-100 game previews, with at least 60 of those being brand new. Unlike the official demos that normally appear on Xbox Live, however, these are very much work-in-progress. Think of them like the show floor demos one might see at an E3, PAX, or Gamescom.

The event’s lineup will include minimised skateboarding sim Skatebird, and biographical adventure Welcome to Elk.

While it’s possible the demos might appear on Xbox Live later on, many of the games featured in the Summer Games Fest Demo Event are expected to disappear after July 28.


  • This approach just recently got me seriously excited about indie games coming out on Steam in 2020-2021, demos are a great way of showing what you’re trying to get across and giving folks a taste, leaving them wanting more.
    Many of them deactivated after the end-date and needed to be uninstalled, but some of them could be reinstalled with newer demos, so that was cool, too. A week just wasn’t long enough!

    Looking forward to filling up my xbone’s HD to capacity!

    • I agree, this is actually a great idea if implemented properly and definitely something I would welcome more of. Not saying this should be the norm, but having access to say E3 builds 1 month after the expo to see some of the newer games would be great.

      Not all of us live close to locations which have conventions and/or have the time/money to see them but many of us would still purchase a lot of games, and I would argue more so if we got a chance to check out some.

  • If this goes well, expect next year’s Summer Fest to be available on Xcloud- so you don’t even have to download the demos

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