You Can Play The Old Republic Through Steam Now

the old republic steam
Image: Steam

For a full decade, Bioware’s ongoing Star Wars MMO has lived and breathed through its self-contained portal. Now, The Old Republic has found a second lease of life through Steam.

The Old Republic is the latest game from EA to jump the Origin-Steam divide, following titles like Dragon Age: InquisitionDragon Age 2Titanfall 2 and others that came over in early June. EA’s move has given a ton of their games a new lease of life, particularly Titanfall’s excellent and still-unique multiplayer mode, and The Old Republic‘s move should only bring good things.

So far, tens of thousands have taken to The Old Republic on Steam. It’s sitting alongside some PC classics like Civilization VI, Garry’s ModPath of Exile and the Master Chief Collection, which has seen a boost since the release of Halo 3 on PC. Elder Scrolls Online and Final Fantasy XIV Online are lower than The Old Republic for current players at the time of writing, although both games had a larger peak player count in the last 24 hours.

Image: Steampowered

The Old Republic was one of the first MMOs to transition from a traditional subscription to a freemium model, and with great success. The MMO doesn’t have Australian servers anymore, alas, but if you can persist with the reduced inventory there’s still some excellent storylines to enjoy. The Imperial Agent path is highly recommended, although if you insist on a Force-wielding user, the Sith Warrior story is a lot of fun too. Trooper’s pretty good as well, although you might miss the whole wielding a lightsabre thing.

If you have an existing Old Republic account, the Steam version supports cross-save, so you won’t lose anything. It’s not known how many users playing on Steam are new to The Old Republic in general, but EA should provide some kind of update at their next quarterly investor call.


  • They’ve made some really good changes with the level scaling. All content is viable at end game so you don’t just farm the same limited dungeons or raids for gear. Also a lot of the gear is bound to legacy so you can trade it between characters. I just started playing again after a few years off and got all 8 classes to max level. The class balance is actually very good as each spec in each class has unique abilities that they can tweak to keep the balance tight. Well worth a look again or even for first timers. I suggest a one month subscription as a minimum to make you preferred status and you get all expansions for ever after that.

  • By ‘play through Steam’ you mean ‘open an entirely separate launcher from Steam to install and play the game’ right? Like Origin.

    Any game that installs its own launcher and updates from that and not directly through Steam is really pushing the, “Play it on Steam!” bit.

    And does ToR on Steam also still require Origin to be open anyway like other EA games that made the jump to Steam recently?

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